Contest Photo contest "Seasons": nature does not have bad weather. Subject: October 2018 ("Peculiar orchid tree")

Good morning to all the readers of Today I bring you another presentation of flowers of the earth without evil. My land is very beautiful, it has infinities of beautiful flowers, we have varieties that bloom in winter, but those that bloom in spring predominate, when my beautiful city becomes florid. The ninety days of spring are the most beautiful days to live in the capital of Corrientes, the days are mild and cool, days that we should enjoy to the fullest, since In my country summer predominates and here the temperatures are very high.

This October we are living unbeatable spring days. October is a very festive month in my home, we have several days of entertainment for the members of the family, today October 12 we are celebrating the birthday of my eldest son Ivan, the third Sunday we celebrate Mother's Day, then the birthday of my lady Gabriela, the 29th birthday of my daughter Brenda, the 30th birthday of my granddaughter Abigail and the last day of the month Halloween! A month of October very moved full of joys.

Our floral trees are also festive, they bring their rich aromas and beautiful colors, this beautiful flower belongs to a tree that lives in our region, its festive or scientific name is "Bauhinia variegata" It has its ancestry in the family of " Fabácea "is known as the" false mahogany "others call it" Uña de vaca " There are those who call it" orchid tree, but she likes that the call "orchid tree". It has its origins in the "India and Burma" grows through its seeds, it is convenient to grow it after the spring, it does not require many things, only a "well-drained" soil likes the sun and does not like the cold winds, so that it is advisable to cover him.


This small plant, if it is comfortable in the place and its soil is the right one, can grow a lot, it can even exceed ten meters, its colorful flowers, tempt the gardeners and landscapers to include this silver to decorate unfinished corners of the garden, or signaling paths of income of delicate fifths, another use commonly given is to house it near the bedroom window, for its rich aromas that emanate to start the morning.


Nature is very wise, in addition to making it very beautiful to the "orchid tree" the endowment of healing powers, it is incredible that this beautiful can heal people, people suffering from diabetes conditions can be benefited with the intakes of this plant, thanks to its "hypoglycemic" properties that stimulates the body to the creation of "insulin", other properties to emphasize that it is a good natural "diuretic".


As you could read the "Orchid Tree" are not simple trees, they are beautiful plants that gives a lot to talk about, worthy of being disseminated.

Contest Photo contest "Seasons": nature does not have bad weather. Theme: October 2018


I wish you all, happiness and prosperity

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