The IRONX project is a modern cryptocurrency exchange to provide convenient conditions for both traders and investors. The exchange will be designed for many countries. In this case, the exchange will be supported by the domestic currency IRX. Many exchanges have a large number of errors. The uniqueness of the exchange lies in the fact that IronFX, together with EmurgoHK, developed a platform that has become very user friendly.

Features of the project for users:
Any investor who wishes to contribute more than $ 50,000 (USD) will have the opportunity to own incentive IRX tokens. By investing in the project and becoming its investor, each of us will become a full-fledged player of the IronFX Group ecosystem, with certain advantages.

IronX Exchange will become a secure exchange that is founded and licensed by FIU in Estonia. The ecosystem will be supported in various languages ​​(more than 30), which is undoubtedly a big plus, since not all platforms have this service. The platform will charge a fixed percentage for completing transactions on cryptocurrency turnover on its platform, and the holders of IRX tokens will have a discount paying the commission in IRX, which will ensure the liquidity of the token. IronX Exchange will be based on AlphaPoint technologists. This technology will solve many problems — for example, work productivity, high security, resistance to system errors, easy exchange of fiat money for digital assets (cryptocurrency) and much more.

Cooperation with the company EmmurgOK.
Fast customer service for customers. There is also a chat for this.
Convenient interface that will be understandable even noviku.
The possibility of making a deposit in a simple way. Conclusion in fiatnuyu currency.
High-quality and reliable protection of the platform from various unpleasant situations.
Clearly set fees. The possibility of using IRX tokens as commissions.
Providing for every trader a huge amount of currency pairs.
Ability to process a large number of transactions in 1 second.
Reporting on transactions.
The existence of the ability to work through the API.
Providing users with the right to choose trading on platforms such as Android and IOS.
Good opportunities for users who will keep project tokens on a long-term basis. Ability to use tokens to perform a large number of operations within the system. Everyone will be interested in the token to grow in price and will keep them in perspective.
From an investment point of view, this is undoubtedly an attractive project, especially at an early stage of development, since we all understand that investing at an early stage of development is much more interesting and profitable than buying company assets at a time when it is already firmly on its feet, not to mention that the digital asset market is growing every minute on a global scale. Personally, my opinion is a rather interesting project and a team with a broad vision of the situation in the world of cryptocurrency, which definitely will positively affect the success and prospects of the IronX Exchange. Contact the project team or view the news you can link that I leave below. Study the project and make decisions regarding your investment in it!

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