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Shopping is an activity in which a customer browses the available goods or services presented by one or more retailers with the potential intent to purchase a suitable selection of them. A typology of shopper types has been developed by scholars which identifies one group of shoppers as recreational shoppers, that is, those who enjoy shopping and view it as a leisure activity.

Online shopping has become a major disruptor in the retail industry. Consumers can now search for product information and place product orders across different regions while online retailers deliver their products directly to the consumers’ home, offices or wherever they want. The B2C (business to consumer) process has made it easy for consumers to select any product online from a retailer’s website and to have it delivered relatively quickly. Using online shopping methods, consumers do not need to consume energy by physically visiting physical stores, but save time and the cost of travelling. A retailer or a shop is a business that presents a selection of goods and offers to trade or sell them to customers for money or other goods.

Shoppers’ shopping experiences may vary, based on a variety of factors including how the customer is treated, convenience, the type of goods being purchased, and mood.

Other shoppers can also influence the shopping experience. For example, research from a field experiment found that male and female shoppers who were accidentally touched from behind by other shoppers left a store earlier than people who had not been touched and evaluated brands more negatively, resulting in the Accidental Interpersonal Touch effect.

According to a 2000 report, in the U.S. state of New York, women purchase 80% of all consumer goods. (They also influence 80% of health-care decisions.)

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According to the main purpose or fixed design of this article , I will be presenting you a particular undisputed project called: GBPT


GBPT is an online store that will offer electronic products from the top 10 Electronics brands
and some more with most used products, not only this but also will offer the Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware (Bitmain). All our customers will be able to purchase any available product on the store using GBPT, BTC, and ETH.

You will be able to buy unlimited Electronics with full warranty using CryptoCurrency. You don’t need to worry about your Credit/Debit card information anymore when shopping online, moreover forget about waiting weeks/months to receive your purchases.


GBPT aims to build an e-commerce platform for electronics including the best Electronic brands worldwide. Besides listing all of the most used products, we will offer advanced Bitcoin Mining Hardware (Bitmain). Our main aim is to create a platform that will provide a more accessible, smooth and secure service to buyers in various countries. GBPT aims to remove the fear of credit card fraud and identify theft by making the transactions via cryptocurrencies.

As it is not necessary to provide any personal identification information for purchases made by cryptocurrencies, users won’t feel anxious about exposing their data when they are shopping online. Users will also be able to make payments ın mobile devices via QR codes. Making transactions via cryptocurrencies will also make the operations much faster, as a matter of seconds, than the transactions made by other electronic cash settlement systems which take days to process transactions.

Additionally, GBPT aims to make partnerships with the top 10 brands of electronic products to assure the quality of products and ensure their users that they buy the products from authorised sellers. Therefore, the platform will provide the product directly from the official brands and they will avoid buying fake items. By putting the user experience in the first place, GBPT will provide their platform users with the option to take their money back if they aren’t satisfied with the product they bought. Once GBPT takes the product back either refund will be made instantly or, as another possibility, GBPT replaces the product without any additional charges, as long as the new product is not valued higher than the product which will be replaced. Other customer-friendly services like free shipping for orders over 30$ to every customer from anywhere in the world and delivering within a maximum of 5-7 days, no matter where on earth the delivery located, will also be available on the platform for all users.

GBPT will additionally provide drop shipping services on their platform, that allows resellers to sell products, which are listed on GBPT, on their own store, while GBPT will handle the shipping process. Resellers will get quicker service and additional discounts based on their purchasing history.


Our Revolutionary store helps you purchase any Electronics online avoiding the following problems:

Quality issues: The biggest problem while buying things online is that you have no guarantee of a product’s quality. Reviews are not always reliable and all the research can’t assure you of a product’s quality.

Digital payment failures: Whether a customer is paying by credit/debit card, netbanking, or one of the several digital wallets that exist today, the failure of digital payments always looms overhead while making online transactions. A faltering internet connection or a technical glitch often results in the payable amount being debited from a customer’s account without being credited to the selling party.

Additional charges: How many times has it happened that you’ve spotted a great deal on a product and when you’re one click away from purchasing it you noticed an additional shipping charge. This is commonplace on all e-commerce sites when your order amount isn’t high enough to qualify for free shipping.

Unclear return and guarantee policies:Since you have no idea of product’s quality until you hold it in your hands, returning things bought online is quite common. Unless you’re buying from one of the established e-commerce companies, it’s important to go through the return policy while making a purchase. But most sites have vague return policies that can leave you with a low-quality product and no way to return it. The same applies for guarantees, as most sites don’t clearly mention what the policy is for a product and then refuse to carry out replacements if you receive a damaged product.

Lack of security: Cyber security, or more precisely the lack of it, is a major problem on the internet today. E-commerce sites record important customer data like name, phone number, address, and bank details. If these sites don’t implement stringent cyber security measures, your data is at risk of falling into the wrong hands who can then wreak havoc on your bank account.


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