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Blockchain technology is one of the most important and disruptive technologies in the world. Multiple industries are adopting the blockchain technology to innovate the way they function. One of the industries that are looking to adopt the blockchain is the healthcare industry.

To date, blockchain in health care has mostly been used for audit trails and payments for value-based care. However, it has the potential to be used for much broader applications, especially given the rapid emergence of the internet of medical things (IoMT). Blockchain may soon allow smartwatches and smartphones to load clinical information directly to the clinical record.

The healthcare industry is plagued by inefficiencies, errors, bureaucracy, and high administrative costs. Blockchain could help solve some of the industry’s most pressing compliance, interoperability, and data security issues, as well as enable new patient-centric business models.Unlocking blockchain’s potential for healthcare will be a slow process, and change is unlikely to come fast.

Working out and losing weight are two of the most well-known aspirations people have, especially for the new year, but those good intentions aren’t nearly enough. Advocates for desired health outcomes like startups are struggling to help people stick to their resolutions. Since 2005, the sports & wellness market has almost doubled to $90 billion. Yet, a majority of fitness startups are still having a hard time solving how to truly incentivize people to workout.

mHealthCoin platform is a blockchain based health data keeping and analysis platform. mHealthCoin's mission is to provide a platform with more diversified data collected for users to understand the health status by themselves in order to gain some incentives by improving health status or awareness of own healthiness.

Everyone in the world has to be aware of healthiness himself or herself, no matter how old we are, how fat we are, or even how tall we are. However, in reality, most of the people would be likely aware their health situation until they get sick, serious illness, abnormal state or other forms in terms of “illness” instead of trying to prevent in earlier stage.

mHealth is the use of mobile and wireless technologies to support the achievement of health objectives. The widespread use of mobile phones is one reason why this practice is rapidly progressing. This course provides an introduction to this emerging field and an overview of best practices for mHealth solution development.

mHealthCoin is a crypto currency platform built on sophisticated facilities to revolutionize the healthcare industry by collecting medical data from platform users so that users can get a full understanding of their health status to stay fit and live healthier lives and also by providing incentives as a gift package.

In addition, Cloud health token exchange will be a marketplace for you to use your coins on whatever your heart desires. Small and Big data analysis and AI will be used to bring users discounts, services and goods that are most relevant to their health and fitness goals. A chatbot, bob the chatbot, will be built to offer personalized advice to further encourage members to follow the healthy habits and achieve their health and fitness goals. Hence a positive feedback loop is formed.

When members do exercises and follow healthy habit, the health data will be captured by the mobile app and smart, wearable and encrypted and submitted to blockchain. Each user will have his own chain for keeping health and account information, new coins will be generated as health information grows. The blockchain will be based on Nxt blockchain, using Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus.

The mHealthCoin designer mobile app is fully connected with intelligent wearable devices that collect health data so that anyone can make successful shopping in a token shop. With the ERC-20 mHealthCoin token, users can sleep well with the mobile app, even with such simple things as exercise. And you can make purchases from the app. This means that as the project progresses, different parties in different countries of the world will be recognized, which will have global influence.

Moreover, data on the health of users of the platform will be securely stored in the blockchain for the analysis of artificial intelligence. Based on this note, the AI ​​analyst will be able to give a recipe for how the user who sent health data should fit, and there will be a chat window on the mhealthcoin platform where users can communicate and give health tips, as well as solve health problems globally.

Why choose mHealthCoin?

The devices offered by MHEALTHCOIN area unit degree improved version of all existing wearable sensible devices. Since they are able to analyze, collect and structure an oversized amount of information from its owner. With them, you will be able to not alone count the steps and calories, but jointly to look at their burning, every throughout his wakefulness and thru sleep. Moreover, for each burned calorie you will be able to receive internal tokens, that at intervals the long run you'll be able to eliminate at your own discretion. i think it's totally convenient and very uncommon. Moreover, MHEALTHCOIN will get at the side of an oversized style of sports and eudaemonia centers, healthy and proper nutrition stores, equally as a bunch of different sports brands able to give their merchandise and services reciprocally for an enclosed token.

Applications of mHealthCoin

  • For Kids

GPS trace function is added for parents to trace the location of their children

  • For Elderly

SOS function is added for elderly to use under emergent situation and calling for help monitor their body situations

  • For Sport

A digital training system designed to keep users fit and motivated for life, features diversified exercises instruction video which will build a series of workouts based on users’ individual goal and training preferences

  • IOT For Home Appliance

To provide user a one-stop solution for a smarter living style, IoT technology will be developed to our smart devices in the later stage. Users can control their connected home anywhere at mHealthcoin APP or even wearable devices.

Benefits of mHealthCoin

  • Smart wristband and smart watches are aimed at producing wearable devices of this type that can be fully integrated into the life of the user platform.
  • Parents will be able to closely monitor their children by integrating the device’s GPS tracking features.
  • For an aging population, their medical care will be guaranteed and securely thanks to the SOS functions, which can be used for emergency calls, since the majority of these aging people left home during business hours of the day. They will also be used to monitor their body functions.
    The device is a digital editing system designed to allow users to stay in life for a long period of time at will, which will motivate them and create chains of exercise programs based on the goals and objectives of users.
  • In general, mhealthcoin is a design for creating a smart lifestyle on the Internet of things.

Token Details

  • Ticker: MHEC
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Available for sale: 1,300,000,000 MHEC (32%)
  • ICO Price: 1 MHC = 0.01 USD
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC
  • Soft cap: 3,000 ETH
  • Hard cap: 25,000,000 USD
  • Private sale: 10th December, 2018 to 31st December, 2018
  • Crowdsale start date: 1st January, 2019
  • ICO end date: 30th April, 2019

Token Distribution

Road Map

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