iOWN TOKEN - The Investment Platform of The Future

iOWN is a Blockchain-based Investment Platform launched to bridge the gaps between Investors and Businesses seeking funding. iOWN is seeking to combine the benefits of both Blockchain technology and the crowdfunding concept to create a new Blockchain powered, crowdfunding platform that will connect investors with innovators.

iOWN will address the shortages and drawbacks in the way investments occur and are handled in the current financial systems. Business owners who intend to expand their companies often require loans to fund their plans, however, they almost always encounter strict procedures, financial implications and constraints that hinder them from realizing their goals. iOWN targets people with access to adequate capital who are seeking chances to invest it in profitable and trustworthy projects but who lack either the experience and knowledge, or the time to make such investments.

iOWN is a Blockchain technology platform launched to serve as a remedy to such situations and to pave the way for both business owners and investors to meet in the digital market and increase their chances of securing funds and making smart investments, respectively.

iOWN aims at providing easy access for people to be part of running business (or promising startups) with minimum effort and maximum value. iOWN aims at converting smart ideas to real businesses; iOWN aims at providing digital support to business owners to enhance, expand and market their businesses enabling them to generate more funds and to share their success with everyone.

Features of the Platform

  • MultiSig Wallet

Where by using this MultiSig Wallet, you will be able to protect and protect your funds extra. Because it is equipped with various types of codes and a complete crypto key. Supported by the Blockchain and a comprehensive Ecosystem, IOWN offers security through a MultiSig Wallet equipped with a compromised crypto key.

  • Protecting Confidentiality

iOWN is an investment platform that highly protects and keeps secrets from its users. The iOWN's goal is to provide protection and prosperity for its users in the future better. Protecting the confidentiality of users is the main thing that needs to be done by a platform, because by hiding user information, will indirectly help users avoid hacking and attack.

  • Securing Cellular Applications

The way to protect the user's cellphone is through a smart contract that contains the user's code. Securing a mobile application is very important for iOWN to maintain the confidentiality of its users because by providing protection against user applications, it is certain that the core will provide safe protection from hacking from other users.

  • Smart Contract Security

iOWN made denial of service attacks by activating the code that had been obtained from the IOWN Platform, this happened because Blockchain's resources were inadequate and would make it easier for outsiders to hack and attack, to prevent the risk of attack from outside parties.

The iOWN Ecosystem

The Ecosystem will address the execution of iOWN platform services. Users can access the platform and select the service (s) they are interested in. iOWN Ecosystem will then digitally and physically execute the transactions and deliver the service outcomes to users in the form of uOWN Tokens and Smart Agreement. The uOWN Token is passive, nontransferable, unlimited supply Token that does not have tradable API keys. It is issued by the iOWN Ecosystem and represents the rights to receive the revenue from a Business campaign.

This concept helps to ensure the proper execution of activities carried out on the iOWN platform. After users have selected their desired services, the iown Ecosystem helps in the digitalization and execution of the transaction. In short, this is the digital aspect of the medium.

iOWN tackles problems in a two-pronged fashion: a digital Blockchain-powered program and a comprehensive Ecosystem. The twin concept will modernize and simplify investment opportunities through a decentralized platform accessible by all kinds of users (from trading bingers to experts) and business owners all over the world. To that end, we have classified the process of execution to the following parts:

This technology will allow to connect directly different innovators with potential investors. It turns out that this whole concept will significantly simplify all procedures, while qualitatively upgrading the old "classic" tools.

All participants in this market will finally find the very long-awaited freedom of choice and action. The result of which will be high-quality and conscientious activity on both sides. Entrepreneurs will finally find full funding for their projects for their further development and scaling.

Investors will find a reliable start-up project, the development of which will be a pleasure.

iOWN Platform Investment Services

The iOWN Platform is a marketplace where users can choose from the various investment options listed on the platform. The users will be able to use the iOWN Tokens to access the aforementioned service offering of the iOWN Platform and benefit from other services in the iOWN Platform. The iOWN Platform shall provide its users information and details about the various options available on it.

  • Equity of profitable businesses
  • Funding startups
  • Shares of personal assets
  • Shares of commercial assets
  • Funding SMB projects
  • Business lending
  • Franchising
  • Charitable giving / Donations

Token Details

The internal token of the project will be expressed as iOWN token, the total number of parties in 450 million units. The starting price for one coin will be 0.01 dollars.

  • Token: iOWN Token
  • Type: Utility
  • IEO launchpad: Latoken Launchpad
  • Price: 1 iOWN Token = 0.01 USD
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Minimum investment: 100 USD
  • Soft cap: 1,200,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 3,000,000 USD
  • Country: Cayman Islands
  • Whitelist/KYC: KYC
  • Restricted areas: USA, China, Cayman Island

The distribution of the coins will be as follows:

Use of Proceeds

Token Distribution

Road Map


Detailed study and analysis about:

  • Blockchain
  • Tokenization
  • Crowdfunding
  • Traditional investment systems
  • Planned Services offering


  • Form iOWN team
  • Complete business models
  • Technology research
  • Feasibility study


Build iOWN Community

  • Company and Licenses registration
  • Shortlist Blockchain platforms
  • Use cases simulation execution document covering (block chain, smart contracts, wallets partnership and tokens)

Q4 2018 - IOWN SETUP

  • Form Advisory team
  • Launch iOWN Website
  • Start Platform design
  • Publish iOWN White/lite paper
  • Launch iOWN Private believers campaign

Q1 2019- iOWN Private Sales

  • Expand private sales Program
  • Start the Platform development
  • Smart contract development/testing
  • Partnership with 3rd party technology provider and Auditors
  • Start holding licenses validation and registration


  • Mobile application development/testing
  • Completion of execution smart contracts and external Audit
  • Start public token sale
  • Obtain first STO and holding license
  • Penetration testing/Vulnerability Assessment vulnerability assessment


  • Exchange listing
  • Initial Exchange Offering
  • Wallet and Mobile App release
  • Release Platform Alpha/Beta Versions
  • Launch marketing acceleration campaign
  • Obtain Crowd Funding License
  • Obtain First operational License


  • Finalize and start global expansion execution
  • Obtain Second and third STO -holding license
  • Continues adaption to market and regulation changes
  • Platform Enhancement and Final Release


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