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FILMGRID - Decentralizing the Movie Industry

The film industry is a big family of creative people all working together to produce a unique story. However, there are big problems in the family that have to be addressed and fixed otherwise the film industry as we know it today, won't be the same in the years to come.

Every year there are approximately 6000 film festivals worldwide, with participation of over 100,000 film directors. With so many films being made, only a small percentage ever reach the big screen of the cinema. Only a maximum of 100 films from a festival will ever even reach the rental market. Even large film companies are not able to show their movies physically in the cinema. Film companies and individual independent filmmakers must spend huge dollar amounts to market their films, because without advertisement, cinemas will never show those movies. The result is that there are many quality films that never make it to the movie screens. This is a lost opportunity for both filmmakers and audiences.

Film is becoming less 'valuable' as streaming content on mass erodes the pricing model of physical items like DVD and Bluray. With current technologies, filmmakers are able to get their films out on VOD faster to their audience but there's a catch : People are paying less per stream than they would a physical product. As VOD 'cheapens' the physical product, this is the biggest challenge and problem that has to be dealt with, and it's unavoidable.

If the price of a film falls too low, then the film producers, set designers, film directors, editors and so on, will all feel the pinch. Even a film financier will be left with smaller returns if the numbers are too low and that will have a direct impact on film production as we know it.

It's not just film crews that will feel the pain either. PR companies, distributors, actors, caterers, hotels, travel companies and so on will feel the knock-on effect.

The film industry of the 21st century can benefit from Blockchain technology, an innovation that can digitally support a dynamic and connected global network of content producers, distributors and audiences.

As Blockchain applications become more prevalent and mainstream, and smart contracts deliver benefits in licensing and distribution, the film industry is bound to adapt to the technology in the near to medium term. In my own personal experience, this can only benefit the entire industry and enable stronger commercial returns for independent studios otherwise struggling with collections transparency once their film makes it into its first and subsequent release windows.

Filmgrid's core ideal is to disrupt the movie industry in favor of the moviemaker, not the suit. Filmgrid does not depend on a third party for production nor release decisions, it depends only and always on the users, placing the trust in the Blockchain; leaving intermediaries interests out of the equation.

Filmgrid is an ideological project, seeking to create a business redundant platform that provides a fair innovative alternative to movie business; removing intermediaries from the creative and producing processes.

Filmgrid is a peer-to-peer platform for commerce, streaming and financing of independent films and series over the Internet. Of decentralized nature, removes all movie theaters and film distribution companies as intermediaries, allowing a fair distribution of profits among the film's creators, which at the same time allows for a reduction to the cost of the offer to the public.

Blockchain Architecture

During the period the DApp lives in the Etherum Network, we will be developing Filmgrid Blockchain, an Ethereum fork, on which the consensus algorithm Proof Of Work (PoW) will be changed to the consensus algorithm Proof of Elapsed Time (PoET), turning it into a Permissioned Blockchain. This way, this Blockchain’s need for miners is eliminated as the computing power is provided by the Filmgrid peers network.

Every device that runs Filmgrid's DApp is a potential source of computing power. The PoET algorithm gives the opportunity to do processing in the backend of the device, randomly chosen, with a low power consumption while watching a movie. Users will have the option to enable or disable this function at will.

Filmgrid will provide server power for certain functions of the DApp and the off-chain interconnections, such as the video files retrieving or social network activity.

A KYC module will also be implemented, in order to differentiate the type of user in the platform, the more faculties within the platform, the more information is requiered.

Filmgrid will provide server power for certain functions of the DApp and the off-chain interconnecions, such as the video files retreiving or social network activity.

A KYC module will also be implemented, in order to differentiate the type of user in the platform, the more faculties within the platform, the more information is required.

Features of Filmgrid

The application will offer all the services needed for this to be integral reality:

  • The Billboard

A movie marketplace where creative users may offer their movies, and viewer users can buy them and stream them.

  • The Pitchboard

A podium where film projects can seek funding either by obtaining it from the Filmgrid’s production fund, pre-sales or collective production.

  • The Critique Bay

A social network environment that promotes the connectivity between all the users and the spread of ideas.

Filmgrid will use the power of blockchain technology to manage transactions and hosting the smart contracts that will secure funds, voting, and other important aspects that make Filmgrid unique.

  • Fair Trade Commerce

The whole point is to get here. It is well known that as many big industries, the movie business is far from being fair, FILMGRID constantly hear about movies making millions of dollars in the box office, but what we don't hear about is that money remain in the intermediary’s pockets. Not to mention the shameless product placement movies are put through.

In a traditional Hollywood-like business model, income is produce with the sale of theater tickets, digital and physical video copies, licensing to SVOD services and others. The typical scenario for profit distribution will include a Recoupment Waterfall, an accounting technique designed to provide control to the middlemen, hence the manipulation of profit.

For a movie with a hypothetical income of 101,473,573.86 USD, it would look much like this:

It takes a few years for the recoupment to be completed, the producers pool is the last to see any income. The producers pool is made not only by producers, but also by some creatives that negotiate a percentage of revenue, such as directors, writers, actors and others.

Every deal is unique for each movie, it depends in the names behind the project, but it usually respects the presented figures.

Business Model

FILMGRID come up with an innovative business model, cutting out intermediaries, aiming for the moviemaker to be the one who make the most profit.

In the proposed business model, FILMGRID have three income sources within the same platform: Premiere sale, Screening sale and Home Cinema sale.

In either case, Creative Users members of the Creative Team begin to receive income from the first sale. The decentralized application and the smart contracts will take care of all the automated operations and income distribution, respecting the configuration from the team registration.

FILMGRID have now the opportunity to offer the users, international movies at an accessible price for almost anyone; and at the same time, a fair alternative to movie makers.

The suggested prices for each sale option are:

  • PREMIERE = 2.85 USD

With these prices and using the types of income of the typical scenario, we can run our hypothetical case, for the same movie, using Filmgrid.

Even though the total income was dramatically less than in a typical scenario, the revenue received by the Creative Market was bigger.

The Filmpass Token

Filmgrid’s utility token, Filmpass (FILM), is designed to be the means of payment for buying and renting movies and series episodes within the platform.

Token Details

  • Name: Filmpass
  • Ticker: FILM
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Decimals: 18
  • Max. Cap: 1,000,000,000 Tokens
  • Contract: 0xdadfd3814684a3a08a001500a98eef74f4ac1712

Token Distribution

The FILM token distribution consists of four sales, each one unique and oriented for different markets. Out of the 1 billion FILM tokens, 800 million will be distributed in total; 200 million will be kept to be distributed among Filmgrid and the founding team.

Crowdsale Stages

Private Sale

  • Date: May 1st 2019 - June 30th 2019
  • Price: 1 ETH = 11,000 FILM
  • Tokens for Sale: 20,000,000 FILM


  • Date: July 1st 2019 - July 31st 2019
  • Price: 1 ETH = 7,000 FILM
  • Tokens for Sale: 60,000,000 FILM

Sale Round 1

  • Date: August 1st 2019 - August 31st 2019
  • Price: 1 ETH = 3,000 FILM
  • Tokens for Sale: 320,000,000 FILM

Sale Round 2

  • Date: Sept. 1st 2019 - August 31st 2020
  • Price: Dynamic
  • Tokens for Sale: 400,000,000 FILM

The tokens will be minted according to the dates and amounts of the distribution sales.

Road Map

2016 June

  • CONCEPT - Applying our beliefs about movie industry in a fair business model.

2017 March

  • BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY - Adapting and enhancing Filmgrid to Blockchain Technology.

2017 September

  • BUILDING THE PROJECT - This space web site has been created to record and inform the project.

2018 April

  • WHITE PAPER - Structure and developing of our White Paper version 1.0.

2018 August

  • ICO LISTINGS - Project registration on ICO listing specialized websites.

2018 December

  • PLANNING RESTRUCTURING - Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. Rethinking the plan of action.

2019 February

  • DIGITAL MARKETING - Public Relations, SEO, Social Networks and online publicity.

2019 March-May

  • PRIVATE SALE & PRE ICO - Filmpass Token Distribution in an Pre Coin Offering (ICO).

2019 May

  • DAPP AND SMART CONTRACTS - Developing the DApp and Smart Contracts and public release of the code.

2019 June

  • INITIAL COIN OFFER - Filmpass Token Distribution final and long round begins.

2019 November

  • FILMGRID ETHEREUM RELEASE - Minimum Viable Product with the Billboard and early Pitchboard.

2019 December

  • FILMGRID PLATFORM - Start the development of the Filmgrid Blockchain and configuration.

2020 January

  • DAPP MARKETING - Worldwide promotion of Filmgrid Decentralized Aplication.

2020 May

  • QA AND MORE CODING - Well, all the work that has to be made to realease a top quality product.

2020 August

  • FILMGRID PRIMITIVA RELEASE - Filmgrid Blockchain Platform Version 1.0 Release.

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