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EtherZero (ETZ) is a new generation of smart contract platform (public chain) initiated by a group of professional and technical geeks. EtherZero (ETZ) entity is registered in Singapore. In order to better serve DAPP developers and users, whether it is developing DAPP on the EtherZero chain, deploying smart contracts or user’s service, are all TX fee. In terms of transmission rate, EtherZero uses MPOS structure, enabling TPS to reach tens of thousands of levels. The application of MasterNode enables EtherZero to achieve instant transmission function.

ETZ is an evolving platform that is created to handle the development of a general smart contract with no transaction fees, processing capacity of transaction very high and with a real time transaction. Developers around the world will be able to make use of Ether Zero platform and smart contract to build their new DApp and contribute to the advancement of the blockhain technology and the use of cryptocurrencies by improving upon crypto transactions.

Compare the outstanding features of ETZ with other virtual currencies:

  • Offers a total of 116 million ETZ
  • Trading time of 10 seconds
  • Block size of 2MB
  • Hardware extraction: GPU
  • Instant payment: yes
  • Master Node: support
  • Replication (TPS): 10000+
  • Smart contract: yes

Features of ETHERZERO Network

  • MPOS structure of the Blockchain
  • Operating on the Masternode
  • The Autonomous Community management system
  • Zero TX fee which meet the requirement of DAPP'S operation, development and operation
  • Fast and instant payment very suitable for trading scene.

Mining Algorithm Adopted for EHTERZERO

(MPOS) Details about this will be found the link:

To Join Masternode in other to be earning rewards, a user must have minimum of 20,000 ETZ with a Computer machine. in EtherZero Network, 45% of each Block rewards are distributed to the Miners while 45% belongs to the main node, the rest 10% belongs to the autonomous Community.

In other to reach out to Etherzero Team, you can join their telegram group, WeChat group or alternatively contacting them direct via their special email

  • Trading

ETZ is trade able in multiple cryptocurrency exchange. You can consult this link to find a suitable exchanges to buy your shares of ETZ

  • Transaction Charges in ETHERZERO Platform

EtherZero Development team have seen the loopholes in some existing Blockchain Platform that charges excessively for any services on their Platform. Etherzero has create improvement in this section. Transaction and Gas fee in EtherZero Platform has been made affordable. This is one of a kind, EherZero has developed a Zero fee Platform for their users. Their fee structure has been an attraction for different kind of developers to operate on their Blockchain. The Zero transaction fee. The frequent network usage, block validation by each users help in securing the network and preventing from the attackers EtherZero can be used in token payment

ETZ team has created a utility token which will serve as the main engine in driving the ETZ ecosystem. The ETZ will serve several purposes on the platform.

Although, ETZ is known to execute transaction with zero fees, users must hold some ETZ in the wallet to be able to gain POWER which is consumed during transactions. This POWER MECHANISM takes the place of spending money on Gas in the case of ETH transaction.

To carry out a successful transaction on the ETZ network, users are expected to hold a certain amount of ETZ , as low as 0.01 ETZ . POWER is issued to user’s wallet as bonus depending on the amount of ETZ held in such a wallet.

Also, to participate on the masternode of the platform, users must hold a certain amount of ETZ as a criterion from being a part of masternode. Ether Zero also is created with the capacity to achieve a high degree of decentralization with several masternodes with a high processing capacity of processing during transactions 1400 (TPS) transaction per second.

Advantages of the Platform

  • Transaction Fee

Power is a EtherZero-origin token generated on the MPOS mechanism, which is used to fuel transactions like GAS in Ethereum network, but it’s no tradable and transferrable. All account balance greater or equal to 0.01ETZ will continue to produce Power as the block grows until the Power limit is reached.

  • Instant Payment

EtherZero’s killing feature means that it’s unnecessary for developers to worry about network congestion or transaction delay by deploying DApps in our platform. Block generation speed could be lower to 1~3 sec which could reduce confirmation time compared to 15 sec in Ethereum network.

  • High Scalability

EtherZero supports very high transaction volumes with fast verifications. Ethereum can only process 13 transactions per second, EtherZero can process 1,400 transactions per second.

  • Masternode + Proof of Stake

EtherZero uses MPOS consensus algorithm integrating Master node system with Proof of stake,which make the platform more decentralized and fair, The whole EtherZero network would be more stable when master nodes increase while all master node operators share 9 million ETZ annually.

Road Map

EtherZero Team

EtherZero is a Popular Global Public Blockchain network, it has been developed by their Core and Senior Dapp Development Team hailed from India, Eastern Europe and China. The Team of are expatriates from different countries in the World. These Team also move forward in helping in the Project Research and Development. Vigorous marketing Campaign is in progress and being handled by their Marketing Team.

As a global public blockchain network project, EtherZero is developed by the core development team from China and two senior DAPP development teams from India and Eastern Europe to help on the research and development, and at the same time, a numerous domestics and overseas marketing teams work on the promotion and operation of DAPP base layer development platform.

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