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Hello, I made for you the second part of the review on the popular request, everyone likes to read!

Specialization of some companies in the AR / VR market:

The unique competitive advantage of the AROUND platform is that it solves
tasks for all market participants: users, bloggers, advertisers, advertising
agencies, SOFTWARE developers, manufacturers and suppliers of AR devices. It is an environment where everyone
gets its value while saving on customer marketing and participating in monetization
the fastest growing markets are the AR and krypton economies.
Let’s list the values and benefits received by the main participants of the AROUND platform.

You can leave content in a specific location with visibility for specified people. User sees content relevant to him here and now. Easily find nearby services and facilities, rated by other users. There are additional opportunities for entertainment. Advertisers come personal offers less junk ads, more reference and significant. It is possible to monetize your participation in the action taking place here and now (for example, get a coupon or cashback to your personal account in AROUND).

New, active and adaptive to each consumer advertising space and space.
The advertiser gets a fresh trust, and emotional contact with the TSA.
If you allow a user, you can access it in the future (subscription, group
advertiser, etc.). Personal meaningful offers are converted better, advertising
the AROUND is much cheaper. In BTL promotions in AROUND eliminated the extra costs on logistics, manufacturing and replacement of POS materials, promoters, trainers, supervisors, there is no negative impact of the human factor.

Advertising and creative agencies, as well as freelancers are receiving a growing demand for development content and advertising solutions for advertisers ‘ tasks using tools platforms. Developed standard solutions and designed in the form of modules the marketplace can be monetized on the basis of the platform among all advertisers. Agencies get effective business scaling.

Availability of registered demand for software products from users,
advertisers, advertising agencies and other businesses. In fact, a new market is being created for mass use of new mobile applications with demand monetization on the platform AROUND.

The presence of a Mass market of AR-content and ready to monetize its users, companies and advertising agencies. The demand for advanced AR devices is being created.

Token Distribution After ICO :

Initial idea to create a communication platform based on augmented reality
Optimization of the project’s business concept
Presentation of idea and feedback

Technical specification of the project
First major partner, 36.6 which runs the biggest pharmacy network in Russia
Investment into the development of MVP

Release mobile app for iOS and Android
Launch first campaigns with partners, 36.6 and the Atrium shopping mall

Release of the alpha version, seed the platform with content and open the doors to targeted users

Port ARROUND to ODG Augmented Reality Glasses and Microsoft HoloLens
Launch advertising campaigns with large pharmacy chains across Europe
Engage advertising agencies on the platform
Develop self-service module for ad agencies to build their own AR content

The first auction in the secondary market for the sale of advertising space inside the platform
Launch of SDK, attracting third-party developers to the platform
Expansion to new markets: China, Japan, Korea, Europe
Launch of a pilot project with a partner in the US

Tim Arround telah dipilih untuk dasar-dasar budaya inovasi, kepercayaan, transparansi, dan kesederhanaan dalam nilai-nilai perusahaan inti kami dan tertanam dalam semua yang kami lakukan. Struktur organisasi kami datar untuk memastikan eksekusi cepat dalam ruang yang bergerak cepat. Setiap anggota telah memimpin tim multidisipliner, multidisiplin dan adaptif untuk mencapai inovasi teknologi di pasar yang sulit.
Proyek ini memiliki tim yang kuat dan berkualifikasi tinggi, yang menurut saya mampu membawa proyek ke tingkat tertinggi dalam waktu sesingkat mungkin dan saya berharap mereka berhasil. Tim ini mencakup spesialis utama dari berbagai industri dengan pengalaman bertahun-tahun. Dengan peserta utama yang dapat Anda lihat di situs web resmi, di sana Anda juga akan menemukan tautan ke akun pribadi mereka di jejaring sosial.

TIM Arround

The team behind the Around project can be considered an advantage for the project. This team is relatively large compared to other projects and ICO and consists of experienced and experienced people. There are photos and LinkedIn accounts that are provided to members to prove they are real people because many suspicious projects refuse to show their members. In addition to the developer who supports the technical side of the project and develops a single platform, there are people who are responsible for maintaining contact with the community and potential investors, while all sides of the advertising and marketing strategy are also in good hands. Below is information from several key members. More information can be found on the official website: https: / /

Besides being a team of talented and reliable, there are also consultants around who are very reliable and experienced. this makes this project very promising.


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