Weku: An interesting competitor to Steemit, based on the Steemit framework.

As far as I can tell there are currently FIVE blogging sites that allow you to earn cryptocurrency.







- Based on EOS. Slower than molasses, but has potential.


- Based on Steemit, with a different look to it. All about sports.



- Based on Steemit. Very similar to Steemit. It even tries to autofill in the tags, as if I was on Steemit.

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I hadn't heard about Weku until today. @papa-pepper made a post about it. Apparently some of the bigger names on Steemit are having trouble securing their names there. Someone is grabbing them first. I was able to run over there and grab mine, and I suggest you do the same thing.

First of all let me state that I love Steemit, and I am never leaving. There are so many good things going on with this platform that it isn't even funny. I truly believe we are going to Skyrocket by the time March comes, and when March comes we're going to do a complete moonshot.

Having said that, I think competition is a good thing and we should at least look at what's going on around us.

Now in terms of competition to Steemit, I haven't really liked a lot of the competitors.

Trybe is very slow. They review your articles. It takes forever to get an article out. No one seems to read your articles. Everything about it is so based towards cryptocurrency that it seems that no one wants to read about anything else on there at all.

Scorum is very sports based. I like sports, but I'm not one of those stats guys that is constantly running the numbers and knows the name of every player on every team. I feel like you need to be one of those guys to make progress on that site. I did post a sports related story and it did not do very well.

Weku is a standard blogging site just like Steemit. It uses the same tags. It's essentially a clone of Steemit, although according to their white paper they do have a few different things going on.


>WeKu blockchain is based on STEEMIT framework and Graphene framework
which was created by the original Bitcoin team members. In order to create a
growing and creative content and social SAAS platforms, WeKu will innovate
in the following areas:

It then lists a few areas where they're trying to innovate.

The interesting thing is that they aren't specializing. They are essentially, for now, another Steemit.

That makes them a direct competitor. However, for me as a writer that is much more interesting then something that is all about sports, or cryptocurrency , or one very specific thing that I don't usually focus my attention on.

I don't normally do this, but if you feel like signing up you can use my referral link.


If you don't want to give me a referral, you could probably just put the first part of the URL in and make it work.

I think Steemit will be around for a long time, and that we are really on the way up.

However, it doesn't hurt to keep your eyes open. I recommend, if you like your username, to go ahead and register it on _all_ of the above platforms. It could get grabbed by somebody else.

Don't get me started on Minds and sites like that.

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