Hello guys, welcome to the review of yet another great blockchain project title ProFish. ProFish is not like most reviews I have been introducing you to because it already has a working prototype the project own native token the FISH token is also listed in one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges(mercatox). We now live in the era of blockchain revolution where various blockchain projects are springing up day by day in numerous fields of life ranging from finance (the industry that has felt the massive disruption of blockchain technology the most) sport wagering, protection, sharing economy, decentralized managing an account, decentralized online business, decentralized independent commercial center, decentralized video sharing stage and some more. But ProFish aims to explore an untapped industry and market which is sports fishing by offering the users of the an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology. Through its transparent peer-to-peer network, ProFish will offer a transparent platform to improve Sports fishing experience while also disrupting multibillion untapped Sports fishing industry.

Products Offering through the Fish Token
ProFish aims to decentralize Sports fishing experience through its platform. The purpose of participation in tournament or competition is to get rewarded. ProFish aim to reward participants of online tournaments on platform with the FISH token. Some notable products offering by ProFish include.
• Online Tournament winners via the ProFish community are rewarded in the FISH token, and announced on the ProFish community page Since the advent of the internet Online Tournaments are becoming more popular and the e-sport industry has continued to grow this has greatly spread to the sports fishing industry. Many sports fishers are already familiar with how online tournaments work. ProFish tournaments, however, will have the added benefits of low transaction fees, verifiable blockchain transactions, and the secure Etherum network to bolster its capabilities. The ProFish community web page has social media capabilities similar to that of Facebook- users can add friends, create groups, write on each other’s walls, and share their catches via ProFish website. This type of experience will make ProFish community increase thereby bring the revolution of Sports fishing faster and better.
• The ProFish platform will offer its users an online marketplace where vendors, retailers, and fishermen can exchange goods and services using FISH tokens and/or Etherum. Community Members will also be able to use this feature as an online swap meet, to sell used or custom equipment.Payments will be integrated directly into the community store.
• The essence of sports fishing is to reward the best contestant and ProFish is making sure its community members are rewarded for their contribution. Reward within the ProFish platform is carried out using Smart contract creation offering the much-needed transparency. Retailers will offer loyalty rewards in the fish token to customers who patronize their Sportfishing products while customers will also redeem their rewards in a transparent manner

Note: is a tokenized platform, powered by the FISH token. The FISH token facilitates transactions and activities on the ProFish community. The Fish Token is built on Etherum Blockchain according to the erc-20 token standards.
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