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With the current growth of freelancing globally, the capacity of people to pick their own job, kind of project they want to work at and adaptability in working hours has been the real main impetus. With time off the hands of individuals and difficulties in securing a good offer, people need to make use of the time available to explore this extraordinary markets.

Be that as it may, Today, freelancers are regularly overworked, underestimated and compelled to rival low-quality tasks with least rewards by intermediaries who has made the outsourcing market unconducive. This is on the grounds that online go-betweens outsourcing and jobs marketplace abuse freelancers of their payment through charges and commissions.

Also, with a large number of online platforms for connecting work for consultants all around. The inability to just match the correct specialist to the correct job is another real concern. This is to a great extent because of the way that most redistributing marketplace are keen on expanding their incomes and benefits of their particular shareholders by misusing consultants through re-appropriating charges and commissions on jobs performed. MycroJobs, a decentralized work marketplace that will limit transaction cost, increment transparency by disposing of intermediaries between and specialists through its decentralized shared network where freelancers(employee) can discuss straightforwardly with the association or individual giving the errand

Mycro Jobs Solutions

Mycro will make a creative solution for individuals with time and cash issues and also its a tokenized economy built on blockchain technology which will use cryptocurrency as payment solution replacing the traditional fiat currencies. Additionally, will assume a basic job in the decentralized shared network through a portable app which is anything but difficult to utilize. Straightforward jobs on a momentary premise can be presented legitimately on the mycro network for nothing.

A platform the gig industry longed for. Mycro is a platform that gives a special opportunity to individuals who need work or who offer jobs. On this platform user can offer jobs legitimately in the applications they make proficiently and furthermore low expenses. Then again users who are searching for jobs can likewise secure positions that are reasonable for them, this will make them two sets aside their time and cash. The platform they made will change the climate for everybody, with a fair shared network plot that makes it progressively transparent and productive.

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