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I came across a blockchain project on the internet some days back that is proposing a better way of connecting, content sharing and creation by giving power to content creators. The importance of social media platforms in our everyday life cannot be overemphasized. The Internet brought us social media by offering us an opportunity to connect to anybody on the world wide web but Foresting Hq is offering a unique way of connecting and sharing content that is blockchain fast, cost-effective and better than any current social media platform. By exploring the benefits of blockchain technology and decentralization Foresting HQ would give autonomous power and control to the most valuable asset on social media platforms who are the user because the billions of dollars generated are from the contents created, pictures, videos, and information shared on the platform. The user will no longer be blindfolded and will have access to rewards associated with sharing their contents on social media which is only being enjoyed by certain influencers today. Foresting is designed to build a network by distributing income though reasonable content generation and on the assessment of the users’ content. It supports all types of content, whether it is text, images, videos, audio, or live broadcasting, and provides a social network based on a content-oriented rewarding service.
What Foresting Has to Offer
The vision behind Foresting is to offer the entire global community an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of blockchain and decentralization while using social media and connecting with their enthusiasts. Users can actually track and determined who to share their contents with, the method in which the contents will be shared and monetization of their data thorough Foresting rewards system. By being a user of Foresting the following benefits are guaranteed.

  1. Access To A Global Blockchain Based Social Media: The users of Foresting will have access to a new way of connecting that is blockchain fast, cost-effective, secured and offers an extreme privacy of data where users have autonomous control and power over their various data created which include images, videos, contents. Through Foresting contents creator are rewarded for their work as the backbone of social media platforms by generating income based on their contributions to the platform. The fact that Foresting supports all types of services is another great opportunity for its users.
  2. A Unique Credit Rating System: Foresting, a user-driven platform focused on rewarding its users through their various contributions to the Foresting ecosystem ranging from providing content, liking and sharing through the Foresting Bank. Each users contribution to the platform is strategically analyzed and evaluated thorough Foresting advanced assessment model where each user will be rewarded in accordance with the quality of contents created and reach. Through the introduction of Foresting Bank users can actually focused on creating quality content because surely they will be rewarded for such services thereby also increasing such users credit ratings.
  3. A Platform That Empowers It’s User To create Good Contents Thorough Foresting Lab: The vision behind Foresting lab is to create an offline infrastructure where users can have access to various support, equipment needed to create good contents. Imagine users with great ideas also having access to quality equipment such camera, microphone, speakers and other devices needed for quality content creation this will allow users to create top-notch contents the fact that Foresting Hq will still reward them after support offered by Foresting Labs makes it more interesting.
    Note: Foresting being an ecosystem built on blockchain is a tokenized platform powered by PTON, Foresting Hq own Native token. PTON facilitates various activities on the platform which includes rewards for contents creation and many more. The allocation of 24,000,000,00 PTON token is analyzed below.

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