The vision behind ENDO protocol is to create a decentralized ecosystem for verified data where the various users of the ENDO ecosystem will enjoy many of the benefits of blockchain technology and decentralization by having access to a data privacy, security, high quality and transparency of the data at the easiest and fastest means possible. As a user of ENDO protocol you can create private and public Blockchain, configure levels of access to information, the conditions for data exchange between different organizations, and depersonalize and protect data. This will allow the transfer of paper documents with ink signature to digital form through the various applications created on ENDO protocol. This innovation will benefit the users of the ENDO ecosystem greatly because they will be able to get a digital certificate of their identity anytime any day. The Alpha version of the first ENDO-based application is already operational and is currently used by large training organizations, transport companies, and universities in Russia. At this stage of development, the following basic functions are available in the Alpha version: creation and publication of documents in the test network, cancellation, distributed document acknowledgment, owner addition and sharing, open API and OAuth for integration with institutions.

Benefits of ENDO protocol To Global Economy
ENDO Protocol is offering the global economy in its entirety a solution that can never be outdated, blockchain fast, transparent, easy and global. The solution offered by ENDO through its decentralized environment for verified data will not only be limited to certain aspects of the economy but cover a wide range of industries ranging such as education industry, financial industry, medical industry, legal industry and many more. Some of the uses cases of ENDO protocol will be discussed below.

  1. The fact that universities and various educational institutions can now award degree and diploma certificate using blockchain technology is a great feat which is achievable by ENDO protocol alone is a sufficient proof of the effectiveness of ENDO protocol applications. This will ease graduate stress by getting jobs as their certifications and credentials are stored on the blockchain. The authenticity of certificates is also guaranteed
  2. It is a known fact that the financial industry has felt the disruption of blockchain technology the most. ENDO protocol is offering the entire banking industry a fast, secure and safe transactions ecosystem where all transactions are automated and validated thorough smart contract creation. The contracts are executed if conditions of the contract are met by panties involved automatically. This will increase the transparency in transactions and the banking industry is bound to move to a new age with ENDO protocol at its epicenter.
  3. Another industry that is worth discussing as part of ENDO protocol revolution of the global economy is the medical industry. ENDO will introduce a digital identification for the medical industry equivalent of a medical card, accessible only by the patient and the doctor. All records of the methods, test results and treatment history are updated and synchronized in real time and always available. They cannot be faked in order to write out a fake prescription or health certificate. In the case of an erroneous diagnosis and treatment, you can quickly find out who made a mistake Within a few seconds the doctor will be able to obtain information about the patient's state of health. There is no need to take many new tests: the history of the disease will not be lost
  4. The paradigm shift of business transactions from a brick and mortar store to e-commerce because of the internet is a great development. Nevertheless, ENDO protocol will further drive e-commerce to a new age by offering a data solutions to merchants where they can get accurate and verified data to suit customers demands and needs while also offering the customer a source of information about the where and when they can get good to suit their wants. Some others notable use cases of ENDO protocol include verified employee records by HR firms and any other verified data solution under any use case because ENDO protocol can be used for a wide range of functionality.

The ENDO token (ET) will be the utility token of the ENDO protocol decentralized ecosystem for data exchange and verification. ET is built on Etherum blockchain according to the ERC-20 token standards. It will be used for checking and exchange of data.
Token Information
Token Name: ENDO token
Ticker Name: ET
Token Type: ERC-20
SoftCap: $5,000,000
HardCap: $15,000,000
The Team

To know more about ENDO protocol visit the following links
WEBSITE: https://endo.im/
Whitepaper: https://twitter.com/endo_protocol
Twitter: https://twitter.com/endo_protocol
Telegram: https://t.me/endo_en
Meduim: https://medium.com/@endo_protocol

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