Deex Exchange, Powerfully Backed By Bitshares2.0

Hello guys welcome to another review of Deex exchange. Last week I introduced the golos community to Deex Exchange. A cryptocurrency exchange that offers many of the benefits of what traders enjoy in centralized exchanges but yet solves the many problems of centralized exchanges by building a decentralized exchange with Bitshares2.0 to solve this problem.

Great news for the participants of the global crypto market because Deex Exchange is the first of its kind and also a revolutionary platform as such. DEEX is the first cryptocurrency trading platform built using the innovative Graphene and Bitshares joining in itself security and speed of platforms with a straightforward and advantageous interface for effective trading.
A platform for safe ICO conduct identified with the decentralized escrow toolbox from DEEX will be used as a platform for pending endeavor's ICO, our specialists will complete full endeavor examination, help them with accepting sponsoring from an enduring pool of private financial specialists and further lead pre-deal and vast scale ICO. DEEX tokens speculators will get an offer of earnings from all ICOs
A platform for making a decentralized clear blockchain framework for cryptofund regulated by DEEX capable merchants and issuing an appropriate stock token with modified position on both all DEX-Exchanges and driving united cryptocurrency Exchanges;
Cryptocurrency platinum cards associated with users' wallets on DEEX and joining into fiat portals, allowing to change over cryptocurrency into fiat when paid by means of card in outlets;
Programming interface for the reconciliation of pariah applications and organizations with the DEEX platform;
Production of the possess specialist system of crypto ATMs for the buy and offer of cryptocurrency for fiat money with the ability to work with bank cards.

Why Deex Chose Bitshares2.0

The developers of Deex exchange has decided to build it exchange on ever efficient, effective and dynamic Bitshares2.0. You ever wonder why Deex decided to choose Bitshares2.0, well your answers are not far-fetched. Bitshares2.0 is a blockchain based platform facilitated with different marvelous features to make premium cash related smart contracts for all fragments of the budgetary activity that are used in the web world to give organizations. This platform outfits customers with a couple of choices and great conditions, for instance, decentralization, dynamic record approvals, unrivaled, referral rewards program, customer based assets (UIA), doled out confirmation of-stake understanding (DPOS) and an expansive gathering of others. You would now have the capacity to see the reasons why we pick this phase as our framework and setup structure for making DEEX exchange. BitShares 2.0 stage causes DEEX exchange to execute its abilities and features in the going with ways; buying and moving of tokens and cryptographic types of cash, making your very own crypto assets, the arrangement of an ICO framework, making usage of exceptional entries as instruments for mooring resources on trading stages, the creation of records with escrow, etc.
Due the efficiency of Bitshare2.0 the users of Deex exchange will enjoy the following:
High execution speed - up to 100,000 exchanges for each second;
Exchange advanced monetary forms with a consistent esteem (BitAssets/SmartCoin);
Dynamic Account Permissions (for expert working environments);
Repeating and Scheduled Payments - Recurring and arranged portions;
Referral rewards program;
Client Issued Assets (UIA) - assets made by stage people;
Transferable Named Accounts - ordinary record names;
Designated Proof-of-Stake Consensus (DPOS) - Delegated verification of collaboration

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