What is ENDCHAIN ?

EndChain enables partnerships to effectively remove both the conventional standardized identification information and the thing particular blockchain QR code information at the equivalent time.As EndChain's program will keep running out of sight of existing frameworks,our blend code will be effortlessly recognized by our program and the nonexclusive information will be gone into heritage frameworks for customary coordinations and producers.

EndChain's point is to upset the coordinations business through decentralization,open conventions and utilities.The objective is to associate producers,transportation companies,forwarders and different gatherings in simple to explore exchanges where trust isn't an issue.This will prompt a consistent trade of merchandise while expanding security, straightforwardness and traceability.

There is no uncertainty that Blockchain's most grounded case is to be utilized for coordinations and transportation.This is because of the normally acknowledged perspective of blockchain,that it empowers secure and straightforward observing of transactions.At its core,logistics is a progression of exchanges that interface an item from crude material through to consumer.Therefore,the qualities of blockchain have the ability to reform current supply chains.

Simultaneously,the blockchain will be refreshed with the thing particular blockchain data.EndChain brings blockchain benefits at a small amount of the expense to all products.The greater part of arrangements in the market depend on NFC chips or manual section of information into the blockchain.EndChain will make an API that enables companies to naturally create and refresh the blockchain and in addition print our codes specifically on their packages,thus definitely lessening the cost.

This will enable low to mid cost merchandise,for example natural nourishment to wind up blockchain empowered products.AI and Big Data.Our group will use their involvement in AI and enormous information by incorporating both with EndChain.

AI will be utilized to distinguish and alarm any endeavor to duplicate our codes.This will be done by means of parameters, for example,areas the code is checked,number of times a code is scanned,etc.Big information will center around the information accumulated by makers and coordinations organizations to best enable them to upgrade their stages.
I am glad to see they are committed to getting listed on many exchanges. That will be good for their token; EndChain tokens, its symbol is ENCN by the way.

I strongly believe that blockchain technology is the future of the logistics industry. The perfect combination of security, transparency, and traceability can be achieved by use of technologies just like EndChain uses. Their QR code/barcode strategy is a clever tactic as in the first stages it would be hard to impose a single standard. And their idea of burning tokens from time to time is a really logical way of protecting the value of their own token.

Did you know 13% of GDP globally goes to logistics and transport management industry? So think for a second, how valuable it could be to disrupt this giant sector. And if it is going to be disrupted, I believe it will happen with the help of blockchain technology. If you agree with me, go ahead and take a look at their website and whitepaper. You can find their links below.
Advantages of joining the EndChain venture
All information with respect to things on EndChain in recorded onto its blockchain.This empowers to clients to see the things history yet not have the capacity to change or erase any of the information and in doing as such lessen worker blunders while securing the protection of customers.
-Direct Communication
EndChain features an encoded correspondence process that empowers all correspondence in the midst of the amassing and transportation process.The correspondence lines are secure,as simply the individuals will approach it
-Physical Security
EndChain lessens robbery cases amid the inventory network process by denoting all stolen things inside the system.This empowers it to recognize and signal burglary rapidly amid the assembling and travel process.
-Smart Contracts
The stage will execute savvy contracts with the supply chain,which will guarantee straightforwardness and consistence by all gatherings engaged with a procedure while additionally guaranteeing the legitimacy of digitized coordinations reports.

Token Info
Token name : ENCN
Token Platform : Ethereum
Type : ERC20
Price ICO : 0.2400 USD
Accepting payment : BTC,ETH,BCH and LTC
Distributed Token ICO : 55%
Soft cap : 4000000 USD
Hard cap : 15000000 USD
Tokens sale : 74,567,312
Round 1 50%
Round 2 35%
Round 3 20%
Round 4 10%
The upsides of the EndChain venture:

The Endchain venture has a considerable measure of advantages for both the long and the short run. Here are probably the most conspicuous advantages that EndChain has:

Greater lucidity and straightforwardness in import and fare exercises that are checked by means of EndChain.

A more noteworthy conveyance run with the nearness of both B2B and B2C circulation channels.

The utilization of QR code makes it all the more simple and advantageous to utilize and make exchanges through.

The blockchain organization is solid and extremely beneficial for its clients as its economy is solid and regularly flourishing.

The procedure of keen contract execution has made the way toward making exchanges on worldwide level simpler and speedier.

The EndChain empowers the clients to get to enormous information investigation making the contribution of outsiders superfluous. This removes any additional weight or debilitating gatherings and manages commission searchers.

The QR codes and UPC codes of EndChain are reasonably estimated and inside the scope of everyone working together through blockchain organizations.

EndChain and what's to come:
Endchain has a splendid future since its applications and degree are so broad and extensive. This utility token provider is something other than a blockchain since the merchants and clients realize that they are both in the sheltered hands. Along these lines, EndChain is ending up more prevalent and receptive consistently. EndChain is more maintainable than different blockchains on the grounds that it has an extremely dependable self-revising framework. The framework nearly dissects the patterns of tokens in the market and after that effectively partakes to keep up an equalization. This ensures there will never be an imperfection in the administrations and clients remain glad and agreeable.
Website : https://www.endchain.io/
Whitepaper : https://www.endchain.io/assets/whitepaper/1539463908EndChain%20English%20Whitepaper%20Final%20Version.pdf
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/EndChainIO/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/EndChainIO
Telegram : https://t.me/EndChainIO
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/EndChain/
Ann Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5056272

My Account : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2150357

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