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SportsFix localized Platform

SportsFix has localized games spilling stage with blockchain innovation. With the employment of innovation blockchain then the stage can all a lot of faithfully SportsFix and easy. SportsFix utilizing sensible contracts at organizing ethereum. SportsFix may be progressive advanced games content with blockchain innovation. SportsFix stage permits media rights for sports content rights speculations miniaturized scale.
SportsFix consolidates content Netflix with blockchain thus ever-changing the method fans interface with media content games. Fans will participate and find engaged with their clubs and associations within the economy with a processed exchange utilizing savvy blockchain contract.

Games trade info demonstrate that ninetieth of the fan vote stirred and might not get to the substance of their most worshipped games. simply 100 percent of these within the communication to sports fans. Around 4.7 billion folks viewing no but one coordinate game.
A considerable ton of the problems within the face on this games spilling stage, among that are:
The circulation framework is not simple and drivel awed.
Do the producer's markup, bundling and counterfeit price
Using a rendezvous of distribution of remuneration of the brought along arrangement of pay distribution and midway.
Fans of the move have restricted access to content squarely from their most worshipped cluster
The Club upheld no immediate contribution with their fans.
SportsFix offers arrangements organizing arena localized processed can facilitate fans is squarely related to the amusement.
Supporters will open the substance of the sport and their most worshipped item includes.
Many of the cool highlights that may be chosen by fans whereas at the constant time looking the amusement.
Fans can pay for what they watch.
Favorite games clubs may do association and distinguish and recompense for his or her devoted fans World Health Organization area unit dynamic on the arena rigorously.

The Advantages SportsFix ICO
You can decide the amusement you would like to observe and might get a token SFT.
Buy tickets upon the arrival of the match.
Can be part of as a commutation ticket holder processed (DSP).
Can influence a one-day to coordinate through our supporter or club support.
There may watch the match with HD quality.
Watch the amusement along and share your remarks with folks generally.
You can acquire dedication focuses and build expectation diversions and boot creating content that is cool.
You can be squarely needed together with your most worshipped clubs.
Can be distinguished and granted with the register as DSP
Can get to content elite to the area lockers, making ready and that is solely the tip of the iceberg.
Watch the diversion free with the processed arena supports.
Can get a token SF from patrons to vary the confirmation upon the arrival of the match
You can get rebates on your most worshipped brand's stuff
Develop stale your fans to open extraordinary highlights at every level.

Focal Points of SportsFix Token
SF within the token gave to a strained degree.
SportsFix cluster has involvement within the field of games substance and trade within the course of recent years.
A stage of advanced gushing arena OTT giving innovative involvement with premium crowdfunding.
Token SF configuration to acknowledge and connect with finish purchasers on the stage of the arena rigorously.
Model improvement of SFT is extraordinarily distinctive.
SportsFix ICO Token
Detail: SportsFix ICO Token
Token SFT
Price 1 SFT = 0.10 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting BTC, ETH
Hard cap 37,200,000 USD
Country Singapore
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
SportsFix ICO Roadmap
Important Information
Official Website

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