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Now there are centralized online services that provide their services as a broker, but their activities are not transparent enough, merge a lot of accounts, there are other new customers and so goes in a circle. It is these intermediaries that lead to a decrease in interest and confidence in this area or reduce the objectivity of information about price targets. It becomes more difficult for investors to form their portfolio.

And to solve these problems, a promising platform called AhrvoDEEX is being created, which will help to increase the liquidity of the stock exchange several times. Let's take a closer look at its functions and advantages.
AhrvoDEEX is a peer-to-peer decentralized platform for buying and sales of shares of companies using the technology of artificial intelligence that helps users make profitable decisions when investing according to their set goals. Comparing the speed of transactions with such well-known cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin and Ethereum, DEEX significantly prevails and is from 3 to 5 seconds.

Ahrvo is a financial company and started its activities in 2017, has a patented technology that provides ranking of more than 8000 shares. The platform allows you to create communities, attract other players to discuss various trading strategies. AhrvoDEEX also rewards cryptocurrency users for financial transactions on the exchange.

AhrvoDEEX is also a useful information portal with changes and price quotes coming about upcoming events that may lead to stock price. Currently, the mobile application is available for two operating systems: Android and iOS.
AhrvoDEEX Platform Features:
Transparent custodial services
Automated portfolio construction and management
Real-time execution and settlement
Onchain order matching and settlement
Real-time accounting system to reconcile accounts
Neural network driven equity scores and price targets
Easier brokerage access to U.S. markets for foreign investors
Cryptocurrency rewards (Ahrvo coin) for users that trade (create liquidity) on AhrvoDEEX
Transparency and security as data is stored on an immutable ledger
White-label, API, and SDK solutions
Ahrvo Coin Use Cases:
Platform trading fee's (provides % discount)
B2B subscription fees (provides % discount)
B2C subscription fees (provides % discount)
Network Custodial fee's (provides % discount)
Investment performance fee's (provides % discount)
LT licensing fees (provides % discount)
Margin and collateral payments
Network rewards
ICO Token Details
Tokens Offered: 200 Million Coins
Soft Cap: $10 Million
Hard Cap: $50 Million
Release Date: 1 year after ICO ends
Private Sale: May 1st - June 15th. (20-25% discount)
Pre-sale: June 15th- June 30th. (15-20% discount)
Public Sale #1: July 1st- July 31st. (5-10% discount)
Public Sale #2: August 1st- August 31st (0-5% discount)

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