MITOSHI - The Next Generation Online Game And Cryptolotteries Supported By Blockchain

One of only a few real-life applications that use blockchain technology, Mitoshi is the next generation of online gaming platform and crypto lotteries powered by the blockchain. Mitoshi CryptoLotto will bring forth a completely transparent and fair lottery experience to the global market. Players will be able to enjoy a wide array of lottery games with nearly instant payouts.

Mitoshi CryptoLotto will built on a fully decentralized platform for organizing and administering the global lottery operation. The smart contract on Ethereum blockchain uses to collect and distribute funds as well as lottery sales commissions payment through referral program. With smart contracts, winning numbers nor lottery tickets could not be counterfeited. And as a decentralized community owned by the internet community, Mitoshi CryptoLotto could not be shut down.

The Blockchain technology provides several advantages for the lottery industry, making its integration not only very useful but also making it an important step to expand the industry. By utilizing the smart contract on Ethereum blockchain, Mitoshi aims to solve the existing problems of traditional lotteries, including:

Lack of fairness transparency
Lack of innovation
Regulatory setbacks
Long payment
Stunted growth
Additionally, Mitoshi will issuing its native ERC20 exchangeable Mitoshi tokens (MTSH) on the Ethereum network. Mitoshi tokens are application coins that can be used to participate in the Mitoshi Cryptolotto platform. The Mitoshi team believes that cryptolotto is a viable and a profitable initiative given the strong growth of the industry and the demand for a fair, transparent and secure platform for doing lotteries. Mitoshi tokens do not constitute ownership of the company. And should not be construed as securities

How It Works?

Those who want to purchase these lotto tickets can either go to Mitoshi website or download the app. They can register and an e-wallet will be assigned to them. They either deposit cash or transfer their bitcoin or ethereum assets into the e-wallets. And can purchase Mitoshi play tokens after these assets are credited. Mitoshi lottery can only be purchased through Mitoshi tokens and will be priced at 1 Mitoshi coin per ticket.

There will be 7 Major Draws, 6 of which will have repeated draws in a week. The winning combination will be drawn randomly with the help of the blockchain based RNG (the 6 numbers will be taken from the unique code of the latest bitcoin block mined). After all the numbers in the lottery have been drawn and should we have a winner, winnings will be automatically transferred to the owners of the winning ticket through the algorithm built in the smart contract. Winnings are automatically paid in full within 60 seconds of the drawing. Transfers are made to the cryptocurrency wallets that were used to buy the winning tickets.
Mitoshi mobile app

The Mitoshi mobile app will be designed to access the mitoshi platform. This app will contain all the capabilities to join each draw as well as to navigate through other gaming opportunities provided by the Mitoshi platform. The application is accessible via IOS and Android.

Payment methods

Those who want to buy these lotto tickets can go to our website or download the application. They can register and an electronic wallet will be assigned to them. They deposit money or transfer their bitcoin or ethereum assets into electronic wallets. And can buy Mitoshi game chips once these assets are credited. The Mitoshi lottery can only be purchased through Mitoshi tokens and will be charged 1 Mitoshi per ticket.

Airdrops, awards and bonuses

Mitoshi will allocate millions of free chips for aircraft drops, rewards and bonuses. Find out how you can qualify to own Mitoshi tokens absolutely free. So, you can start to win.


Blockchain technology has several advantages for the lottery industry. Its integration is not only extremely beneficial, but it makes it a crucial step to further develop the industry. The integration of blockchain technology is decentralizing opportunities, making the lottery more transparent and accessible. By using Ethereum contracts, Mitoshi will build a fair, transparent and secure lottery – and accessible worldwide to those with an Internet and smartphone.

In addition, decentralized technology is a way to circumvent the regulatory policies that are holding back the growth of the lotto industry while making its market much more scalable and more involved. Mitoshi CryptoLotto will then be accessible anytime, anywhere, with the transaction facility provided by cryptocurrency via blockchain technology.


The Mitoshi tokens are utility tokens (users) and the sales of its chips are intended for the future participation of the Mitoshi lottery in a smart contract platform.

Symbolic symbol MTSH

Start of the sale of chips

End of the sale of chips

Total number of tokens 1,000,000,000

Total amount for sale: 68,000,000 or 68% of total emissions

Total private sales US $ 20,000,000.00

Total before sale: 20 000 000 USD

Token main sale US $ 60,000,000.00

Soft capsule US $ 10,000,000.00

Hard cap 100,000,000 USD

Crypto & fiat accepted ETH, BTC, LTC, USD

Minimum purchase limit
More details about Mitoshi CryptoLotto Platform:


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