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CryptoCircle.eXchange is pioneering the revolution in cryptocurrency trading by providing a customer-orientated platform dedicated to improving the exchange experience for all levels of traders. Through the use of a myriad of trading tools, CCX will help provide the most inviting environment for beginner traders along with an exceptional and exciting platform for experienced and institutional traders.
With such an explosive growth in cryptocurrency and exchange services in the past years, one of the toughest obstacles to overcome has been customer service and ultimately, the security associated with such large influxes of customers. Some of the largest and well respected exchanges have essentially collapsed due to their poor record of customer services and security issues. There have been multiple large exchange hacks over the past year with reports of nearly 3/4 of Billion stolen through hackings and security breaches.

CryptoCircle.eXchange has the vision and the experience to provide the next generation of cryptocurrency exchanges
By focusing on customer service and state-of-the-art security technology, CCX will become one of the top exchanges in the near future accessible to users across the globe. Headquarters in Malta, with additional South Korean, Romania, and the U.S. - one can be assured that national compliance will not be an issue, in fact, national compliance will be at the forefront guaranteeing that any change in laws will be implemented to reduce disruptions in trading along with keeping customers up to date on the legality of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Circle eXchange Focus
CCX will focus on these 4 key areas that are currently plaguing the exchange industry
Security - By introducing multiple locations across the world, the exchange will be able to integrate the best and most trusted security measures available.
Liquidity - This has been a major pain point in current exchanges. The availability of trading highly depends on volumes and liquid trading. While there hasn't been an extremely effective process put into play yet, this concept will be of upmost importance to the CCX team in order to seek out and implement a solution. One key idea has been exchange popularity - CCX plans to provide the best customer service available, which in-itself, could help attract traders and help with discovering the solution.
Fees - High fees have crippled exchanges. CCX plans to offer some of the most competitive fee schedules available.
Customer Support - The highlight of CryptoCircle.eXchange is to provide the top-of-the-line customer support for any and all inquires. One of the massive failures during the 2017 crypto boom was exchanges unable to provide consistent and effective customer support. (personal experience - I quit an exchange last year due to customer support taking 3 months to respond).
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