Colletrix - Using blockchain technology to protect the creators of intellectual property (IP)

Project Colletrix introduces one of the first non-commensurate tokens in the world ("NFT") that aims to be associated with the design of physical property ("IP") physical goods. The project will be combined with IP, blockchain, and merchandise to revolutionize the merchandise market using NFT, tokens under the ERC-721 protocol, and ERC-20 tokens known as Colletrix Tokens ("CIPX"), resulting in the creation of all different ecosystems that benefit more supporters.

One part of the Project involves the development of NFT which represents unique IP ownership associated with merchandise. The other part of the Project involves the development of CIPX, which circulates cryptocurrency in the Colletrix ecosystem ("Ecosystem").

Digital collections in games in the form of NFT are increasing became popular with the launch of CryptoKitties in 2018 and strong initial success. . We believe NFT brings great potential applications to the merchandise market.

Utilizing the appeal of crypto collections, the Project will be the first to integrate new economies with the old economy, creating a completely new business model. The creation of the Colletrix platform ("Platform") will introduce the industry's first platform where original IP owners can provide new lifetime licenses through tokenization. We apply NFT technology to build new business models that will benefit IP Owners and consumers. By doing that, we began the first step to develop and enhance the blockchain community ecosystem. This platform will be a new milestone for the merchandise and IP industry market.

We are proud to introduce Colletrix, a blockchain project to bring together elements from IP, blockchain, and merchandise to create new market value supported by the world's leading smart contract system, Ethereum.

Through the Platform, we predict the interest of collectors; we maximize the benefits of the franchisee; we enjoy the benefits of IP owners.

Colletrix Ecosystem:
The platform is a new business model consisting of mutually beneficial relationships between five parties: IP owners, Merchandisers, Collectors, Crypto fans, and you.

For IP Owners

This project aims to provide access to the owner of the original IP
opportunity to provide a lifetime license through NFT adoption. The unique design of IP owners will be included in their unique NFT, and consequently leads to the creation of a secondary IP-NFT market ("NFT Marketplace"). IP owners will be rewarded.

Through the Platform, we strive to create new market value by integrating IP tokensization. With the introduction of NFT, we will combine the old economy and the new economy. Therefore, we will do so to extend the possibility for all IP owners and makers around the world to make long-term licenses for their IP6; and for merchandisers, we will offer them new market value on their physical commodities through the application blockchain, maximizing the attractiveness and benefits of their products. NFT inclusion will create a dynamic interest in collectors while giving them easy access to the crypto market, and leading to new business opportunities such as the creation of franchises. Colletrix will be one of the first to inspire mass transformation and world economic integration.

We envision a world where new economies and old economies will be fully integrated to create new economic models that maximize benefits for all participants. Starting with IP and the creative industry, we envision an industrial revolution where IP owners will be able to retain the license fees they deserve by implementing blockchain technology.

CIPX Tokenomics
Colletrix will issue its own ecosystem token, Colletrix Token ("CIPX"). CIPX is a cryptocurrency that is supported by the Ethereum network with the ERC-20 standard. Therefore, all records related to CIPX can be seen using the Ethereum browser. As a trade cryptocurrency, CIPX can be used in a variety of situations, but especially and initially used in NFT purchases issued through the NFT Marketplace.

We aspire to create a subversive ecosystem that will introduce a new Tokenisation IP transformation business model for the industry. Through IP tokenization, we aim to improve and secure benefits for IP owners. At the same time, this will attract additional major IP owners to expand this ecosystem. With more IP owners participating in this program, the merchandiser will then be able to expand the product range for physical merchandise paired with digital assets. The NFT market will attract the attention and interest of collectors throughout the world. Our large and loyal collectors base will allow high trading volume, and increase market prices for CIPX due to high demand - especially since the number of NFT and CIPX is limited to a stable amount.

Adoption of Colletrix Token
CIPX will be adopted in various situations, including:
Purchase special Crypto-exclusive edition items

CIPX can be used to purchase NFT at NFT Marketplace and
special merchandise on the Marketplace Merchandise as made by Undone and Colletrix. Colletrix will work with UNDONE to launch a series of special crypto-exclusive edition merchandise that can only be purchased with CIPX on Merchandise Markets Customers will be able to see a total catalog of crypto-exclusive merchandise in this market. To buy these products, customers must obtain an important wallet for trading and holding CIPX. After that, they can start trading for CIPX and buy cryptoexclusive merchandise at the Merchandise Marketplace at CIPX registered prices.

Then, when the user wants to make another physical cut future merchandise using their NFT IP design *, they need to issue CIPX for merchandise production rights on the Platform.
Sales Tokens and Release Schedules
Colletrix Team
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