Why build a project BILLCRYPT
Currently, it is difficult to determine the reliability of information about any object or object, whether it is a company or an expert in any field or product. This creates difficulties in decision making.

For many years working in the investment sector, they also often face financial problems for promising and even breakthrough businesses.

Usually, the reasons are in a complex and lengthy decision-making process, over-managed by potential institutional investors. Even with the emergence of the ability to attract investment in the electronic money market, the issue of trust is still extremely relevant.

They, like experts with many years of experience, understand, because we have to perform comprehensive work, diligently in evaluating potential projects, not always confident in reliable information. dependable, even if this business is already in operation.

To find out among many real projects, not only attention, but also real investment, you need to be able to find such promising projects and spend a lot of time, effort and money. time. Blockchain allows to implement the principle of maintaining the absolute reliability of data without the involvement of any human element.

Therefore, they decided to create a platform - a blockchain system utility, which will solve these problems by its conceptual approach, technology and functions.

Objectives of the project BILLCRYPT:
Make blockchain technologies easy to understand, affordable and useful for everyone;
Building a blockchain representative office with an intuitive interface;
Create a global multifunctional integration service;
Integrated internal BR-2-BR platform;
Integrating outside with other blockchain projects, systems and services;
Integration with offline businesses, B2B, B2G segments;
Combined with other technologies;
Connect adjacent niches and interact effectively with them;
build more to develop existing solutions;
Building an innovative, completely new economic model.
BILLCRYPT is a valuable digital asset protected by the Smart Contract codes of ERC20 Standard issued on Ethereum platform with total supply of 152, 000, 000 BILC

Evolutionary token BILLCRYPT is a modern, innovative, high-tech and highly profitable investment. It is a major component of the system that provides mutual settlements within. Digital assets BILLCRYPT are stored in the Ethereum block chain and will exist indefinitely, even in the case of a global scale disaster, until at least one node of the blockchain network of many existing worlds will work.

All buttons are equal and independent. Data is decentralized and distributed across the network. The system does not have a single owner who can manage it independently. Any changes in the system can only occur if most nodes accept and confirm these changes. Access to a BILC digital asset made from anywhere in the world, in the presence of the Internet.

BILLCRYPT digital assets can also be stored on cold wallets in the absence of the Internet. BILС is both a value-added digital asset and privileged club card, providing access to the project's functions, as well as a ticket to sell before closing and internal digital money. You can purchase new digital assets in ViP form and token of other projects. Each such token, in turn, also provides significant privileges for owners and users and increases their welfare.

BILC can be placed on exchanges, as well as freely trading, exchanging, renting and leasing them. Many exchanges provide an additional opportunity to hire token under flexible terms. Therefore, the token BILLCRYPT will be traded and leased on many exchanges. The use of BILС by Blockchain Representatives for mutual settlements with the provision of mutual privileges will create a regular capital turnover and increase the ongoing demand for BILC.

Over time, more and more BR will be created on the platform, which will require BILC token as internal platform currency for effective development.

From a legal point of view, BILLCRYPT electronic money token is deployed as a digital product and cannot equate to securities or stocks in an enterprise. In fact, the token is tied to the functionality of the Integrated System and the value of some BR, ViP and other products in the system. Therefore, the token allows you to maintain control of the company and at the same time satisfy the interests of investors.
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