Betform is revolutionary social gaming device powered by means of smart Contracts. the individuality of the platform is that it really works proper with all the gamblers with out a middleman. We be part of the blockchain technologies to the actual world with the aid of supplying decentralized gaming gadget. All important operations like prevailing out, and annual rewards are ruled by clever Contracts. We’ve were given a set comprising leading recreation builders together with illustrators, progressive conceptual artists, 3-d artists, picture designers, image designers, writers, editors and programmers.


Betform try to permit large person get admission to to a extensive range of blockchain games thereby allowing ease of get admission to and maximum protection standard . This became capable of be executed by using connecting blockchains , leveraging on the smart contract and charge channnels which enabled maximum security and cost reduction.

Betform is a social making a bet platform powered by means of smart Contracts. it's far a peer to look gaming platform which involve no intermediary.It connect blockchain era to the real world through supplying decentralized gaming network. All of key operations including prevailing paid out, and quarterly rewards are all regulated by using smart Contracts.


provide an smooth to recognize interface with simple account advent, user friendly profile management and account management.
provide transparency and truthful gaming enjoy to gamers. Betform uses a obvious manner of generating the results of its video games with our tested and licensed RNG machine.
increase user retention through gamification which includes unique events and rewards to keep gamers engaged.
target informal players from emerging markets consisting of the South East Asia and China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
For those reasons, we create:
Decentralized social betting applications. gamers can without problems create account with us and join an ongoing public sport or maybe create a brand new desk and invite other friends to play together.clever contract because the returned bone for the decentralized packages. Our games are safe, fun, and private.A business model that is based on extent as opposed to the margin. we can constantly welcome winners to sign up for and play our video games.
This is what supports Betform to be present in the midst of society as a social and fair betting platform. Betform is a decentralized social betting platform that brings funs, privacy, and safety for funds to players. Our key operations are regulated by smart contracts.

Betform Features
Provably fair gaming
Fun and social
Transparency and security
ERC 20 token compliant wallet app
Unlimited winnings and winners welcome policy
Quarterly jackpot
Token burning
actually there are many out there. And even many post-ico betting projects are available. But still, there is something that makes Betform unique; social aspects of it. This is a peer to peer gaming platform. The description on their site reminded me of Xbox Live. You can invite your friends to a table, you can join them and even making new friends is a possibility on this platform. We are in the age of social networks, so creating a betting platform with social dynamics in mind is a pretty decent idea.

Betform Public ICO will kick off on the 8th 2019 starting from 9PM Singapore Time .We will offer 40% of all Betform Coins to be created for purchase by the public in the Betform Initial Token Sale under the ticker symbol BFC. A further 43.9% of all Betform Coins to be created will be distributed to identified investors. The remaining 13.5% of Betform Coins to be created will be distributed to Betform’s founders, employees and early investors as an incentive to ensure long term alignment of interests and commitment to the tokens and their future value and also for future business development and development. Further details of the distribution of tokens are set out below.

Each Betform Coin will be sold for USD 0.10. There is a minimum purchase amount of 500 Betform Coins per purchase.

They have an MVP available already: Checking out their MVP is a must for everyone interested in the Betform project. I created an account easily, inside the MVP 3 games welcomed me. Daily rewards, leagues, friends, shops were the sections at the interface. You get to choose designs for your avatar, dealer, table and carpet. This is just the version 0.1 and there is room for growth no doubt.
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