Aussie Digital. Rewriting The Future of E-commerce on Blockchain


Imagine a platform that allows you to buy everything you want online using the cryptocurrencies you have or you have earned in Steemit or any other platform. Something similar to Amazon or eBay, but oriented to the world of blockchain and crypto sphere.

In this post. We’ll see how Aussie Digital uses the power of blockchain technology to design an ecosystem that provides an e-commerce tool that uses cryptocurrencies as an economic system, for small and medium enterprises, as an alternative to promote their products and businesses under a technology of the last generation.

You may wonder why Aussie Digital wants to create a project of this kind on crypto assets. This is because statistics indicate that in the coming years the number of users who use and accept cryptocurrencies will reach 200 millions.

Overview To Aussie Digital

Aussie Digital is a group of computer developers and staff with high business expertise (which includes knowledge of strategy, development, marketing, banking, HR training, blockchain analysts and cryptocurrency experts), gathered for the purpose of developing an ecosystem with the support of blockchain technology to provide small business owners (locally and regionally) with an online service that gives them the opportunity to compete with large retailers nationally and internationally, through not only a ready-to-use e-commerce platform, but also excellent customer support that will help place the name and brand of their products high, with low marketing and promotional fees.

The following graph shows the trend in the use of the online marketplaces

Source: Aussie Digital White Paper

Source: Aussie Digital White Paper

This Aussie Digital ecosystem will be based on a native token called AUDcoin, ERC-20 Hybrid Staking Token, which will be used as a payment system for the e-commerce platform, ensuring that store owners enjoy a secure and open payment system with minimal transaction fees. The support of the blockchain technology will offer greater security and lower transaction costs, allowing small sellers to promote and sell their products for a small amount of money compared to what can be achieved in other e-commerces or marketplaces.

Another advantage that the ecosystem will have, is that all payments on the platform can be made with both cryptocurrencies and fiat. The latter can be done through credit and debit cards, or even bank transfers if they are high amounts. The ecosystem may also allow through an online gateway, buyers to buy with their national currencies and sellers to receive their payment in their own national currency.

The use of blockchain technology and smart contracts will make transactions direct and with comparatively minimal and faster transaction rates.

Tradezy E-commerce

Source: Aussie Digital White Paper

This is the e-commerce platform of Aussie Digital. Tradezy, as mentioned above, will provide a number of advantages over the other e-commerce existing in the market. Among these:

A real feefback; Tradezy will provide its customers with honest feedback from verified online buyers (through escrow system). This way, buyers will be able to read about products and services from reliable sources, before acquiring them.

Smart contracts, making use of blockchain technology, smart contracts will allow customers to pay for products and services with confidence as all transactions will be held in an escrow account until received.

Quality, Tradezy will be attentive to customer evaluations (both buyers and sellers) to promote and maintain the online store with high-quality products, thus, in case of continuous complaints or problems caused by sellers or defective products, proceed to suspend them and/or to replace the expenses incurred by customers.

Rewards program, Tradezy will offer a rewards program to its customers to maintain loyalty and promote the platform, offering AUDcoins tokens for purchases and ratings. Obtaining discounts and lucrative offers.

Search, Tradezy will have a search tool for your customers to find what they want quickly.

Benefits of Using Tradezy Online Shopping Platform

Here are some of the prime benefits of using Aussie Digital platform:-

  • Exposure to International market
  • Round the clock product promotion and customer services
  • Special prices and discount for AUDcoin holders
  • Comparatively low transaction fees
  • Localized product content
  • Crypto based payment system
  • Customer feedback review system
  • Outstanding customer support services

Tradedo Trading Exchange


The Aussie Digital team has experts in cryptocurrencies and exchanges, so it has knowledge of the most common problems of these trading platforms, such as security, liquidity, high trading commissions, withdrawal limits and lack of customer support. For this reason, it has decided to create its own cryptocurrency exchange system called Tradedo.

Tradedo will have a simple to use interface that will allow not only to exchange AUDcoins but also other cryptocurrencies. It will allow retailers to convert their sales to the currency of their choice automatically. This way they won't have to worry about changing their payments in other currencies or cryptocurrencies.

Chatezy Social Media


Aussie Digital will also have its own internal Social platform. It may be used by all participants in the ecosystem, both for business and for other purposes such as promoting products and/or communicating with customers, vendors or friends.

In this way, Aussie Digital promotes the integration and interaction of the members of its ecosystem.

B2B Platform


The purpose of the B2B platform is to allow small and medium enterprises entrepreneurs, vendors and/or merchants to join forces to purchase products locally or internationally, thus obtaining discounts and compete with large companies.

Being based on blockchain technology, the B2B platform will ensure transparency (inspiring trust between merchants), accountability, automation of the entire process, from procurement to delivery to customers.

This platform will have a forum, where registered merchants can not only share ideas but also find others dedicated to the same sales area and thus join forces to form communities, increasing their success at a common level.

Earn Free AUDcoins in Aussie Digital Airdrop

Aussie Digital offers the opportunity to win free AUDcoins, which can be used on the shopping platform Tradezy, started on April 5th, 2019, and will distribute 400 million AUDcoins to participants. By registering on their website you will automatically be earning 5000 AUDcoins. You can collect even more tokens by performing tasks such as:

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We already see how Aussie Digital offers a complete ecosystem for e-commerce activities with cryptocurrencies, which includes not only an e-commerce platform but also an exchange, a social network and a B2B platform.

This will allow users who manage and have cryptocurrencies to acquire and sell products and services. Especially today, that there is a lot of mistrust in the volatility of crypto assets, presenting a cryptocurrency like AUDcoin that offers relative stability will allow the adoption of the cryptocurrency market and therefore this will increase its value in the process.

Projects such as these, not only promote stability to crypto assets but also reaffirm the use of cryptocurrencies as a universal economic system.




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