Три. Финансовых. Графика. FOREX

Я сделать финансовые графики. Вы делаете деньги.

Today is "Super Thursday"! What better day to begin sharing charts with fellow traders.

Every week I will share some charting homework on the markets. Might be Altcoins, might be Legacy. And who knows, I might even end up sharing everyday if people like the posts enough. But for now, WELCOME and wishing you abundance and inevitable success.

Here are three trade ideas to watch during markets today May 11 2017.

AUDNZD . Overbought STORSI & MACD . Mega pullback now to continue downward trend.

USDJPY . Look for pullback to shaded area of price action with a continuation of the upward trend. Oversold MACD & STORSI.

AUDUSD . Waiting for pullback to price action area before continuation of downtrend.


This is not advice. Your trade ideas are welcome in the comments. Trade safe, set your stops, take care of each other out there, and celebrate your wins!

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