Моя кошка от китайского квартала в Лос-Анджелесе.


Встречайте моего кота. Это называется "часовая башня". Он был бродячим котом, что я принят в Чайна-тауне Лос-Анджелеса.

Meet Neow. Neow was a stray cat that I adopted in LA's Chinatown. Or did he adopt me? Hard to say.

I first saw him staring down at me from the fig tree in the back yard as I was trying to do yoga one morning. He kept coming to visit and sit next to me whenever I was still. Eventually I allowed him in the house til the roomates complained. But I still took care of Neow with food, water, and attention. Oh sure he brought home an occasional bird, but I fed him well and I always looked forward to seeing him leap down from the fig tree as I pulled into the drive way. I had to move last year and I miss Neow. I am thankful I captured this moment with my LG android phone.


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