It is "tax day" in the United States, the appointed time when Americans are required by law to file paperwork for the past year's income, and either pay a remainder owed, or receive a refund of what was overpaid.

All of this presumes the legitimacy of the State and real liability for the alleged debts. But taxation is not payment for services rendered, or a natural obligation upon members of society. Taxation is extortion under color of law, plain and simple. "Pay what we demand, or we will hurt you." It makes no difference whether it is a "government agent," a racketeer for an organized crime ring, or a schoolyard bully.

Every "essential service" funded through taxation is a monopoly with all the attendant waste, abuse, and corruption people typically abhor. Without the mythology of the State, government would be just another monopoly unable to sustain itself against upstart competitors providing better services at lower cost through superior models.

Government does not own you, or the results of your labor and exchange. Government has no legitimate claim to your property which you acquired by productive means. You are a rational, acting individual. You have the highest claim to your life and the consequences of your actions for good or ill. Anyone claiming higher right is a usurper.

Of course, this does not mean such plunderers will respect your rights, so choose your responses wisely to avoid further harm to yourself, but never allow such psychopaths to control your mind through patriotic propaganda.

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