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Steampunk Pins and More

Continuing from my previous Steampunk jewelry gifts post, here are some gifts I made for people who don't seem likely to wear earrings like the ones I made.

Up first, here is a Steampunk pin for Librarian L, and a necklace for Librarian J. The pin is made from layered gears with different finishes on top of a basic tie tack or lapel pin blank. The necklace is asymmetrical, using standard chain at the bird's tail and a branch at its beak. Unlike the other leather cord necklace I made, this uses thinner non-braided cord.

pin l.jpg

necklace j.jpg

Since I have a sort of theme for this year, some men I know will be getting similarly steampunkish gifts, too. For my D&D group, I made a pair of lapel pins with a couple layered thin gears and an ominous central eye. For my brother-in-law, I not only made a lapel pin, but also some matching cufflinks.

pin 2.jpg

pin b.jpg

All of these projects other than the necklace involved more care and consideration for the findings I would use together, and less fussing with assembly. I used E-6000 glue to bond materials together, since it offers more working time and a less-brittle final cure. If you like the idea of making things like this, it's really not very difficult. Even Wal-Mart has a decent selection of basic supplies and tools if you're on a budget, and any craft store is likely to offer a selection of charms and pendants or materials to make your own. Findings are also available online through various specialty sites or Find the supplies you want for the aesthetic you prefer, and just dive in! If I can do it, you can definitely do it.

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