Offer to Trade Bitcoin Gold for GOLOS

I have slightly more than 0.0448 BTG in my faucet account, and would like to offer a trade for 95 GOLOS. According to, 0.044 BTG is worth 95.29 GOLOS at the time I am writing this, so it's an approximate equivalent value at current prices.

This offer will remain open for the next week, ending at 5:00 PM Pacific time on Sunday, December 10, 2017. I have a similar offer on Steemit, so if one trade is accepted, I will edit both posts to say that the offer is no longer open.

If you are interested, comment below. I will accept the trade in the comments. then, I propose the trade be conducted by sending GOLOS to my account and using your Bitcoin Gold wallet address in the memo field. I will send the Bitcoin Gold to the address provided, and comment with a screenshot when it occurs. It may take up to another 24 hours to process from that point. If you have a better idea to conduct this trade, I am open to suggestions. Unlike on Steemit,**

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