Novels by Gene Stratton-Porter, with e-book and audiobook download links

Gene Stratton-Porter was a naturalist and author whose prose should be of interest to anyone. Her writing is clear, her descriptions are colorful, and her characters are engaging. Her observations of the natural world are woven into her stories to build a world the reader can feel through the pages.

These books all earn an official librarian stamp of approval. Take a look—or a listen, as the case may be.

Freckles (1904)

Project Gutenberg e-book
LibriVox audiobook

A Girl of the Limberlost (1909)

Project Gutenberg e-book
Project Gutenberg audiobook
LibriVox audiobook

Laddie: A True Blue Story (1913)

Project Gutenberg e-book
LibriVox Audiobook

Gene Stratton-Porter Cabin
Gene Stratton-Porter's cabin at Wildflower Woods, via the Wikipedia article on the author.

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