More Steampunk Jewelry: Earrings, Necklaces, Lapel Pins, and Cuff Links

I bought some more findings and decided to try my hand at some new jewelry making techniques on top of my previous simple jump-rings-and-charms construction attempts. I bought some cheapo tools at Walmart, so now I have spare pliers, a spare wire snipper, and some round nose pliers for making my own eye pins and jump rings. I also bought some odds and ends from the clearance rack at the local JoAnn Fabrics. With all of that in hand, some beads of varying quality, and some extra odds and ends to dress everything up, here are the results!


I also used some odds and ends to make some more necklace pendants. I haven't started on any serous wire wrapping, but I did try using some fancy wire spirals to hold together one of the pendants. The first wire has an eye on one end, and is bent to hold the bead at the other end with a twisted spiral for looks. Then I used another length of wire with a small spiral, ran it through the same hole in the bead, and twisted it into another accent. It works OK for a first attempt.




Next, some necklaces made from pendants and leather cord. No major creativity here, it's mostly store-bought stuff. I did use a tin gear bent into a cord end as an experiment with the anchor necklace. The one that looks like a pocketwatch came with the gunmetal gear already in place, and I just added the clock hand.


Here we have a gold necklace and earrings set using beads, a silver necklace and earrings set made with more fancy beading experimentation, and a big steampunk pendant made with lots of oddities.


And last, some cufflinks and lapel pin sets, an odd lapel pin I don't think I posted before, and one more necklace with a small bead pendant.


So, what do you think? I'm learning as I go, and I feel like I am making progress, but supplies are not cheap to keep this up for long even at the budget end. Should I try selling some of my creations on Steemit, Etsy, eBay,or anywhere else? What online markets support crypto? How can I turn my insomniac crafts into money so the hobby might support itself? Comment below!

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