More Jewelry Experimentation

I have now accumulated quite a variety of findings, and have decided to include some attempts to create items outside my usual Steampunk-influenced designs. I would appreciate some feedback below. I may soon post some of these on peerhub, and would be willing to accept SBD in payment for items and US shipping if and when that happens. International shipping will likely remain problematic, though.

Beaded necklace on a leather cord

Beads threaded directly onto a leather cord, fixed in place with knots. This short necklace connects with a standard clasp.

Agates on hemp cord

Agates (probably dyed) with hematite spacers threaded onto a hemp fiber cord, again located with knots, but this time using a toggle clasp secured with a fisherman's knot

Seashell necklace

A gold-trimmed shell and gold-trimmed bangles on a gold chain.

Steampunk pendant

Steampunk, but this time on a linen ribbon with a toggle clasp secured to brass-finish ribbon ends. What do you think?

Eye Pendant

I admit I found this pendant on clearance, but I added the acrylic eyeball to the center and the tiny Swarovski crystal on the bottom. The chain is also from my spool of bulk chain.

Antler Necklace 1

Although I sold ( Hooray for actually making some money on this!) the antler earrings I made earlier, I decided to try making a necklace using this pendant and the same bead pattern along with a black leather cord.

Antler Necklace 2

I decided to try making a slightly different pattern using hematite spacers instead of black glass beads, and a brown leather cord rather than black, to offer as a complete set of necklace and earrings. What do you think?

Glass Beads

Lastly, here's another set made from more translucent glass beads of slightly irregular shape. I made the earrings and a necklace pendant only because I had exactly three head pins with the odd conical shape at the head end. Serendipity?

And there you have some of the results of my efforts since my last jewelry post. Keep an eye out for a future post with some more photos showing a return to my usual style, but with some new materials.

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Comments 1

I would buy the agates on hemp without a second thought! The steam punk choker on linen and eye pendant are very nice, though their colours wouldn't work for me. I prefer darker, and silver.

21.01.2018 10:36