Kings of War: Vanguard is now on Kickstarter!


Are you looking for a new fantasy war game, but prefer to avoid spending hundreds of dollars or painting scores of models? Do you like companies that give you a chance to try before you buy by offering free rule downloads and letting you use models you already own? Do you like Kickstarter offers that let you get much more bang for your buck in exchange for helping a new product launch? Well, if so, you need to take a look at the Kings of War Vanguard Kickstarter campaign by Mantic Games! At the time of this post, there are about 9 days left.

There are three different pledge levels at present: Rulebook, Join the Vanguard, and Two Player Set. They're pretty self-explanatory. The first just gets the new rulebook at a discount from MSRP. The second includes the rulebook, a single army, scenery, and special perks. The third includes the rulebook and two starter armies, but does not include all of the scenery pieces or all of the extra goodies the second set gets by choosing a single army.

The biggest news about this release is the introduction of official models for the Nightstalkers faction, an army of unnatural nightmarish creatures and their twisted abominations created from beings in the realm of Mantica. Of course, such unholy monsters are facing off against the heroic Basilean army of holy warriors, and this release offers a much-needed update for the Basilean infantry models, too. And if this campaign continues to meet its new stretch goals, there may be other factions waiting in the wings as well...

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