Kings of War: Vanguard Add-On Options

If the starter armies being offered in the Kings of War: Vanguard Kickstarter campaign don't appeal to you, consider ordering just the $30 rulebook pledge level and adding in any of the $20 starter armies being offered from Mantic's current production lines! There are many options for good, evil, and neutral armies with a variety of units.


The current models offered in these bundles can be previewed in their webstore, and while perhaps not quite as customizable as a certain other British game company's products, their plastic kits are quite good and offer enough options to make these specialists stand out as individual soldiers. The metal hero minis I have personally seen are good, too. The price is well below the usual retail price per mini, and while I assume they won't have any fancy packaging since this game is still being launched, it's a good deal in terms of price per miniature regardless.

The image is from the Kickstarter campaign linked in the post. See my previous posts about this campaign here and here. There are only a few days left to join this campaign, so don't delay!

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