Games Workshop Ork Boyz Standard Kit vs. Snap-Fit Kit

The two Big Shoota Boyz in the Space Ork Raiders kit exemplify the simplicity of snap-fit troops. Fast assembly for bulking up a horde is the strong point of such models. Customization options are limited, and modification requires carving up the plastic with reckless abandon.


Here you can see the components: Body, weapon, head, and backpack. There are pins and sockets to align all the components. Super glue isn't even necessary, since the fit ensures the parts stay in place.


The standard kit included as part of the Ork Trukk Boyz has many more parts, and they can be posed in many positions. The torso and leg joint as well as the head and torso joint have a ball-and-socket adjustable fit that can be positioned as desired and glued in place, and the left arm holding an ammo belt is an optional extra touch that requires care to align with the port on the gun if it is used. The heavy weapon can also be a rokkit launcha, and ammo backpacks for each weapon can be glued to the back of the model if desired, too.

There are aftermarket options from companies like Kromlech that specialize in making alternative components for each of these, and in fact an entire model can be built with aftermarket bitz, albeit at a higher cost than GW's already-exorbitant fees.

In future installments of the Ork army build, I will show a customized snap-fit Mek, a Big Shoota Boy with aftermarket and scratch-built components added on, and several Boyz ranging from standard kit builds to custom conversions!

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