Earrings, Beads, and More

I recently went on a shopping spree to get more materials for this new jewelry making hobby I fell into by accident, and made more jewelry. I would appreciate some feedback on what styles I should produce in greater quantity or with more variety. I thought I would take a break from anything explicitly Steampunk here, although most (with one obvious exception) are still designed to evoke a certain degree of traditionalism in their design.

beaded earrings.jpg

First up is this trio of earrings made with beads strung onto head pins. Two use glass imitation pearls, and one uses opaque red glass beads separated by a Swarovski crystal-encrusted spacer.

tactical hunter earrings.jpg

Next up, here's a set of earrings that might appeal more to a certain set of rural women who want to wear something fancy while reminding people that she got a bigger buck than her husband last season.

spider pendant.jpg

Third in line is this necklace pendant that still needs a chain. I found the spider in a clearance bin, and decided I had to try my hand at making something that would appeal to an angsty teen who wants to be dark and brooding, yet sparkly. I just had to add the metallic-looking plastic spikes as a fang representation for bonus points.

necklace and earrings set.jpg

And last, a set of earrings with a necklace. I actually made two matched sets like this to send to some friends up north in Canuckistan.

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The earrings with the horns are sweet! I love your jewelry posts :)

09.01.2018 09:44

They're actually my first official sale. Since I'll be leading a class on jewelry making next month at the library, I showed these to my boss as an example of the skills I want people to have afterward. She offered to pay cash for both pairs.

11.01.2018 04:58

Cool! That's awesome!

19.01.2018 16:40

Did you see my newer post where I experimented with agate beads and hematite?

20.01.2018 08:44

I think I commented on it...I loved the agate on hemp, was that the one you are referring to? Honestly I spend 2% of my time here, and the rest on Steemit!

22.01.2018 14:57