Assorted Handmade Necklaces

Earrings are not the only jewelry project I have been pursuing. More necklaces that are not intended as part of any jewelry sets have been made as my muse dictates, and here are some pictures of the results!

Steampunk Brass & Leather



Cogs, keys, and mysterious acrylic eyes...

Bead Pendants



I thought these leaf charms would be perfect to embellish some simple bead pendants, so here is what I made.

Beads and Cogs Combined!


Here I tried using a cog as the link point for some beadwork with a small pendant and some chain that links back to a braided leather cord. The exquisite backdrop is the lid of the Sterilite storage bin that currently contains the assorted stuff I have been making.

Mothers Day Gift


I found this set of sewing notion charms at Walmart of all places, and decided it would be perfect as a Mothers Day gift for my mother due to her numerous sewing-related hobbies and interests.

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