Anarchism Versus Mythology

Anarchists are sometimes accused of being Utopian dreamers who believe humanity consists of saints. Nothing could be further from the truth. Anarchists know perfectly well that men are not angels. This is precisely why we recognize that a system rewarding the most corrupt people among us with power is a terrible solution, and expecting people to vote for the "common good" is an absurd fantasy.

Of course, a common belief is that we need government to provide essential services despite the well-known problems of corruption, waste, and abuse in government because somehow the free market would be worse. Examples used to support this claim usually refer to "unrestrained capitalism" as a bogeyman, but "capitalism" is all too often a weasel word used by people who want to conflate free markets with economic fascism under a single linguistic umbrella despite the diametric opposition of the two concepts. The specific examples provided are usually cases where government prevents free market action by supporting entrenched interests and preventing competition. In other words, government impeding the market while supporting the politically-connected does not work. Monopolies and cartels cannot function without government protection.

Of course, every government service, corporate bailout, subsidized industry, and enforcement system is also funded by taxation. Taxation is extortion under color of law, plain and simple. "Pay what we demand, or we will hurt you." Every "essential service" justified by proponents of government is a monopoly with all the attendant waste, abuse, and corruption people abhor. That is why government costs continually increase while quality plummets, and every election cycle is accompanied by promises to reform a system that is broken.

Government cannot work as advertised in school, media, and popular culture. It is built on a bad foundation, and none of the structure is any better. Peer through the propaganda and understand the truth. We do not need the State to be safe or prosperous any more than we need cancer to be healthy.

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