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The topic of investment has long been an integral part of our society. I think you have heard about this more than once and know by your own example. But have you ever wondered what kind of investments exist in our world at the moment?! Which ones are profitable and less risky?! And what are very profitable, but also as risky as possible?! In fact, it doesn’t matter what type of investment you choose for your own use. After all, each of them has its pros and cons.

Investments in collectible cars allow the investor to receive almost 300% of the profit. The asset class is much more profitable than other alternative investments, such as coins, watches, jewelry and wine. However, barriers limit many people's access to the market. Only a small group of elite investors with sufficient resources that can enter the market.

CurioInvest clearly identified the “flaws” that the market is experiencing. The following are the challenges and barriers that face:

  • Only for the rich: These rare collectible cars are sold in tiny networks of very wealthy people. Only very wealthy investors have access to this investment market. This is a very small number of people.
  • Requires a large investment: these cars often cost thousands of dollars or even several million dollars. This makes the minimum amount of investment or registered capital very high. Therefore, not everyone can afford it.
  • Professionalism: storage, maintenance and general control of these vehicles require professionalism, that is, special knowledge and experience are needed.
  • Administrative problems: management Buying and selling and insuring these cars usually requires a lot of paperwork and organization. This is usually very cumbersome and burdensome.
  • Lack of divisibility of assets and lack of transparency: this leads to a lack of real trust in the market and the need for a lot of documentation and records.

The principle of the CurioInvest project

In the CurioInvest system, when the system detects rare collectible cars, ready-made investors provide an opportunity to invest by initiating a crowdfunding campaign to raise the necessary fund to buy an asset.

When the required fund is collected, the car is bought and stored by CurioInvest with the help of his experienced partners. But returns are made in rare cases when crowdfunding is unsuccessful. Immediately after buying collectible cars, the system (CurioInvest) sends its token to the wallet of each investor in accordance with their investment level. After some time, when the system will be sold by the system at a higher price, these investors will benefit greatly from this transaction as a result of their token.

CurioInvest helps investors to participate and enjoy the huge advantages of this market.

Like any other project, CurioInvest has its own global goals and plans, on the basis of which the entire further structure of the new blockchain space is built. That is why CurioInvest is striving to take a leading role in the global arena of collectible security tokens.

I think you should not explain too long what this means. This means that all CurioInvest token users will be able to participate in the purchase of high-quality collectible cars, as well as receive all the related procedures for the protection and protection of the purchased asset. Moreover, all these functions and options will be available within the transparent structure of the blockchain network, where each individual transaction will be securely stored and protected from any hacker interferences.


  • CUR = 1$
  • Soft Cap: 300 000$
  • Hard Cap: 2 000 000$
  • IEO: 21.08 - 20.09

Product developers

Summing up my review about CurioInvest, I just want to add a couple of important words. The activities that this project intends to engage in are registered. Since for this the founding team passed all the necessary legal procedures in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Moreover, the legal framework of Liechtenstein allows CurioInvest to absolutely legally distribute its tokens through sales throughout the European Union, as well as in countries such as Norway and Iceland.

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