the hamster wheel

evil has won

Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi both tried to get away from the “Petro Dollar” system, as a result they were regime-changed and their dead bodies were aired all over TVs worldwide.

Yet Osama’s body never aired and was immediately buried at sea out of respect for the Muslim religion???

Weren’t all three of them Muslims?

Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'Dangerous conspiracy theorists have no place on our platforms'
Burkman did not appear in court and could not be immediately reached for comment. When the lobbyist spoke to The Post in March, Burkman said his interest in Rich’s death and conspiracy theories generally remained strong. Last month, Burkman held a news conference at which he claimed he had spoken to a woman who had been the victim of inappropriate behavior by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III. No such woman ever appeared.
Ex-Marine admits he lured Seth Rich conspiracy theorist Jack Burkman to a hotel parking garage, then shot him

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