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that doorknob upon they hung

that doorknob is older than the country it resides in

Dr. Shiva with the truth. Modern day academia should, at minimum, lose all their tax payer subsidies and lose their tax exempt status. They are operating against the interests of citizens.

Couldn't it be that the nameless historian may be part of the Inner Party and telling you the Resistance won and Oceania collapsed? Maybe he is just gas-lighting you like O'brien did with Smith telling him 2+2=5?
Either way, if you see it as optimistic spin on the book, it's not like it changes how our reality is becoming so similar to the rest of the dystopia from the book, including have a type of Newspeak, so I'd say it doesn't change much.
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You took your fingers. Licked them. And extinguished what little hope I had left.
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Read political ponerology. As smart as these psychopaths think they are, there's just no way they can get what they want and keep it. You can't hold a basketball underwater forever.

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