Santa Rosa Agenda two one

"wisdom keeper says YES! Your video is accurate about the planning. I live in Santa Rosa. I felt the frequencies. I felt a portal open as well. I knew from the beginning what was happening. This also was coordinated with Friday the 13th energy.? "


"Even the head of Cal Fire for the state said on CNN he had no idea what started the over 60 strikes that came out of nowhere in the middle of the night without warning. Sudden, unexplainable winds kicked up to 60-70mph, blue flashes and sparks were seen above by many, including me. Cars were torched, yet trees untouched. the car tire rubber and glass were nowhere to be found and homes were reduced to unrecognizable rubble. Glass and rubber take thousands of degrees to melt which means these fires generated there own direct heat, like a directed energy butane torch, except they are using directed energy LASER technology to pulse the plasma clouds, stir the wind for energy and release up to a trillion watts of laser power at any one source. This is why cars and homes completely melted but shrubs, leaves, plants and neighbors houses, were untouched."

Analysing Santa Rosa fires. Directed energy? DEW

"The brainwashing kicks in as the people will make excuses for this. Glass that disappear from car windows is not possible from 1475 degree fires. Glass needs 2600 degrees to melt. The steel and metal elements in the community was destroyed. The trees made it through good though. My favorite sheeple excuse is that the trees retain water but the trees were supposed to be the vector by which the fire was supposed to spread.?"

drone fly overs

3500 buildings 50000 evacutees

Directed Energy Weapons

National Ignition Facility & System
1974 program
Laser as powerful as the Sun 800million degrees

  • Electromagnetic radiation, including radio frequency, microwave, lasers and masers - Particles with mass, in particle-beam weapons (technically a form of micro-projectile weapon) - Sound, in sonic weapons

    Swords of Heat
    The finger of God

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