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The Feel-Good Hoax of the Year
An Analysis of The Thai Cave Rescue Hoax
by Gladys Night Shyamalan and the Pups
As I’m sure many readers have already surmised, the feel-good story of the year, which involved the
“successful rescue” of a Thai soccer team from a flooded underground cave, was a massive hoax. Like virtually
all of the major (and increasingly minor) news stories these days, this was a work of fiction from start to finish.
That said, I thought it is worth dissecting the script a bit, as there is some incremental value to be gained from
unpacking this Intel disaster.
The official story is that twelve Thai soccer players and their coach, having completed a soccer scrimmage in
the oppressive Thai heat, decided to
take a walk in a cave
(while leaving their
bikes unguarded and
unlocked outside), for reasons which were not fully explained. They quickly became trapped by rising waters,
and then proceeded to wander 1.8 miles into the cave complex (and 180 meters below the surface), with
virtually no equipment, and then spent the next nine days in total darkness, with nothing to eat but a handful of
snacks one player had received as a birthday present. After a 9-day rescue effort, they were all successfully
rescued (with no visual injuries/trauma), thus ending an ordeal that lasted an incredible
18 days
from start to
Reading the official version of the events, its easy to see how ridiculous this story is, but nevertheless, many of
the people I spoke with in my day-to-day life believed it. I attribute this primarily to the general lack of life
experience that has come to personify the citizenry of the Western world. While every human suffers in their
own unique way, modern society provides a cradle-to-grave experience that shelters most people from dealing
with situations that are outside their comfort zone, such as going without food (or water) for days on end. This
is of course not their fault, and neither is the fact that the modern educational system was designed to strip
students of their critical thinking ability by focusing almost entirely on rote memorization, thus making them
more obedient workers and more compliant consumers. This combination of relative comfort and institutional
brainwashing has allowed the Families to gain a degree of control over modern society that is absolutely
breathtaking in its scope and depth. Only in the past decade (since 9/11), has that control really begun to slip,
and as a result some citizens have begun to wake up. The increasing traffic to Miles' site is a testament to the
cracks which have begun to spread.
In one of Miles' recent posts he posed the question whether the recent crackdown on internet freedom through
increasing levels of censorship would send more people his way, and if this post is any indication you likely
have your answer. To clarify, I don’t post on YouTube or any other site, and in reality my background (ex-
military, Wall Street) aligns me traditionally more with the problem than the solution, but the increasing
crackdown on the freedom of speech and the absurdity of our present-day fake reality is causing many people
such as myself to become frustrated. Keep in mind that mid-level technocrats (finance, media, law, and medical
types, who are
in the .01%), are the same as everyone else when it comes to their potential impact on
broader society. A
surgeon makes a great living no doubt, but in no way shape or form does he
have any more say over the direction of society than your average worker in the fast food industry. In fact, an
individual or family with $100 million in liquid net worth has relatively limited influence. Keep in mind that in
cities like NYC, the most
expensive condo's
will occasionally sell for $100m, and that won’t even leave you
money left over to pay the taxes. As others have repeatedly pointed out, the true direction of U.S. society (and
Western society more broadly) is crafted by a few ultrapowerful families, which many refer to as the Families.

This dynamic requires that the governors keep the mid-level technocrats well-occupied and generally satisfied
with their quality of life, because if they were to become discontent with the status quo, it’s they who pose the
largest threat to the Families. Our present situation is characterized by the PTB skimming the froth off the
economy through a plethora of
, which has caused income inequality to explode, even among relatively
well-compensated industries. The vast majority of the people that work in global finance are not members of the
Families, and this is reflected in the enormous
pay disparity (124x)
between top hedge fund managers/bank
CEO’s, and the rank-and-file, such as a computer programmer who works at Goldman Sachs. This is by no
means trying to imply that you should feel bad for those that make significantly more than the average global
citizen, I’m just making the point that they have no real influence or power. That said, background information
or context from an anonymous author is worth about as much as the paper it’s written on, so as always, just
follow the logic and links that I have provided, and come to your own conclusions with respect to whether you
agree with my assessment or not. I’ll submit a longer paper on a variety of topics that Miles and his readership
may find interesting (for instance, the hidden origins of Blackrock and Blackstone, the world’s largest asset
manager and private equity firm respectively), but for now, let me introduce you to operation
Cobra Gold
Cobra Gold is an annual military exercise that takes place between the United States and Thailand, and usually
includes several other countries as well. This year, Cobra Gold has “seven countries fully participating:
Thailand, United States of America, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Republic of Korea and Singapore.” Of note,
this year’s exercise had three major components
a Command Post Exercise (CPX), Field Training Exercise
(FTX), and a
Humanitarian Civic Assistance (HCA) exercise.
I knew the cave rescue story was fake the first
moment I saw the news because the actors (military personnel) did not even bother to remove their Cobra Gold
sweatshirts for the cameras—as you see in the pic below title. The military personnel involved will have been
primarily drawn from Special Operations teams (i.e. Airforce PJ’s, as shown in the first photo), military
intelligence, and civil affairs – the reason being is that you will need a TS/SCI clearance before participating in
one of these hoax level exercises. Normal soldiers are not even aware that these types of psychological
operations take place.
The countries which served as part of the
planning augmentation team
namely Australia and the UK, played a
large part in the fake rescue effort. I thought this was a regrettable aspect of the exercise, because it continues
the longstanding approach of
"white man's burden
” in the region, where Westerners are frequently portrayed as
white knights riding to the rescue, but usually this is just a morality smokescreen that cloaks imperial ambitions.
A realpolitik argument could be made that the U.S. keeps Thailand from falling under China’s sphere of
influence, but in my view the idea of nation states is rather
(and likely always has been), due to the
fact that the ruling classes of various countries have always worked closely with one another. As demonstrated
in the photos below, both the Thais and Westerners are frequently seen grinning and shaking hands, just as they
would during a normal training exercise. Having served in the military and traveled extensively in Southeast
Asia, I can attest to the fact that very few members of the Thai military (at operational ranks) speak fluent
English, and even fewer Westerners speak Thai, which is why a coordinated effort on this scale would be an
epic disaster if ever attempted in real life. Also of note, this event took place during the Worl
d Cup: this way
there would be a symbiotic relationship between the global news flow. You see this frequently with other large-
scale events as well, for instance they named the Hurricane before the Sandy Hook hoax “Sandy”, and after the
Eagles won the Superbowl, (which appears to have been rigged, but more on that another day), the Parkland
High School mascot was of course “The Eagles”. I could go on, but you get the point.
Although Cobra Gold took place early in the year, I’m willing to bet they staged the military videos and photos
in February, and then had the second act of the production (the children after the rescue) take place in July, and
then spliced the two together for the press. This is why nobody heard of the kids trapped in the cave for the first
nine days.
The part with the children was very poorly done, consistent with the ongoing decline in quality of the global
Intel projects. For instance, look at the photo below from the
South China Morning Post.
As I have highlighted
in red, it can clearly be seen that they photoshopped this image together, and in doing so, gave the child in the
background what appears to be a fake (robotic?) arm. Mind you, this was on the front page of a leading
international publication. There were videos produced of the children in the hospital and in other areas, but the
kids are just actors, and some of the videos were faked, likely using the same
deep fake
technology which has
recently found its way into the press. In reality this morphing technology was created for the military at Los
Alamos in the late 1990s, as described in this
Washington Post
from 1999.

Other photos had all the hallmarks of a hack photoshop job, such as the image below, which had dozens of
flaws. Note the large discrepancy between the kids. I’ve been to Thailand, and local soccer teams operate there
the same way they do everywhere else in the world (grouped by age).
Beyond the Cobra Gold backdrop and the photoshopped images, you also have impossibility of the mission
itself. 1.8 miles in a dark cave is an extraordinary distance. If you don’t believe me, try swimming 1.8 miles in
the open ocean with full gear and then imagine that same distance in a narrow, twisting passageway with an
unconscious child strapped to your side. The children were unconscious because supposedly none of them knew
how to swim, and thus they had to be put under. Even with a pass-off system, this is an impossible mission. And
because every good piece of fiction needs a hero, the script writers wrote in the tragic death of a Thai “Navy
Seal”—except that the
could not agree on even the most basic of facts, including his name.
As demonstrated below, in various photos they gave him the last name “Gunan”, while in the articles his last
name is “Kunan”. This error is repeated throughout various publications.
Complete amateur hour
Lastly, there is the ever-present product placement, including the photo of the Nike soccer shoe, which ran
prominently with the story. My only question is, did Nike help sponsor this, or was this a freebee? This adds
another wrinkle to the story however, because if the players left their shoes with the bikes, and when they were
found they were
, then this implies that they walked 1.8 miles in a dark cave made entirely of sharp
rock, barefoot? As Miles would say “the things they expect you to believe”.
[Miles: also compare the Nike photo to the one of the kids above. Which one of the kids is wearing those

None of them.
The Nike's are gold, not yellow; and besides, Nike does not make cycling shoes like
that. They are laced, and look like track shoes, not cycling shoes. Also, if these kids had been playing or
practicing soccer, then went into the cave for a “birthday party”, why did most of them just happen to have
expensive bikes
and expensive cycling shoes and other cycling gear?
In the picture, they look to have been on
a cycling trip, not a soccer or hiking trip. Are we supposed to believe they all just happened to have their
complete cycling kit with them at all times, and multiple pairs of shoes? And if Thailand is a poor country, how
did all these kids just happen to have expensive bikes and clothing? This is indication these kids were taken
from the top families for this project. Finally, it is strange that none of the 13 members of this soccer team had
Mathematically, that is very unlikely, since a fair percentage of people do not like tight caves
and would not go into them for any reason—me included. And yet not one of these kids, even the smallest,
balked and said that he would wait outside, or called his mother to come get him.]
We can agree that this project was a coordinated military exercise passed off as a real event for global
consumption, but the more important question is
? As Miles and others have repeatedly shown, most events
in history were fake, or at best staged, but there is always a purpose, if even just to inspire fear in a
But in this case it was a feel-good story, so what gives? For that we can turn to the
NY Times
who will
occasionally bury nuggets of truth among an avalanche of rubbish, and in this instance noted that “for
Thailand’s military leaders, who seized power in a coup the same year and have yet to hold promised elections,
the rescue
was an opportunity to show their concern for residents of the country’s northernmost province
.” In
short, this exercise was used as a public relations effort to burnish the image of the Thai military in the minds of
the people, and sadly it worked, with much assistance from the U.S. and other countries.
Thailand has been a puppet state of America for much of the past century, and remains so today. Throughout
history, when members of the peerage of a particular country or region realize that a takeover is imminent, they
usually choose to get absorbed rather than fight, and may even go through the act of a fake war to make it look
like they put up some sort of fight. But in reality the deal was agreed to long before any real battle was fought.
The soldiers that die, and the citizens that suffer, are nothing more than cannon fodder and collateral damage on
the devil’s grand chessboard.
On a separate note, if you ever need a modern case study in brainwashing, Thailand is a good place to start. The
country still enforces lèse majesté laws, which means that if you criticize the royal family in any fashion, you
face a stiff prison sentence. Those laws exist in other countries as well, but what really shocked me was how
many Thai people actually believed that the Royal family was some sort of institution to be revered. In almost
every business there was a picture of the King and Queen, and you could see people praying to them
everywhere you go. They have literally brainwashed the people into

worshipping them
. Meanwhile, King
Bhumibol Adulyadej (died in 2016) wasn’t even born in Thailand; he was born in Boston, MA, while his father
was a student at
. Most Thai’s didn’t even know that their king was technically a U.S. citizen. The
royal family, along with the associated Thai peerage, are inept beyond belief. With a net-worth at anywhere
between $20 and $60 billion (royal family alone), they have feasted off their citizens hard work for generations.
One of their more memorable episodes was the time they bought an overpriced aircraft carrier from a Western
defense company, before realizing they didn’t have the right aircraft for it, and thus it sat unused, except for an
occasional sail when they converted if for personal use (vacation).
In 2016 the emperor was literally shown to be
wearing no clothes
, when the prince (now King) got off a flight
hammered, wearing a gay crop-top, and holding his dog “foo-foo”, who also doubles as a Thai air marshal. I
have to admit, I got a good laugh out of this one. He looks like the Thai Caligula, doesn't he, and we just await
the moment he appoints foo-foo co-consul.

Because a good hoax is never complete without a follow-up movie, there are not one, or two, or three
productions in the works, but
There was already a
TV Special
that came out just weeks after the event.
Additionally, a script was submitted for a 2019 blockbuster in August, less than a month after the kids had been
rescued. I’m still in a state of disbelief that they had the chutzpah to use the “real guys” from the fake French
train-terror attache in the movie “15:17 to Paris”. How embarrassing, don’t these people have any self-respect?
Also note that Elon Musk got into the act with this event. That should be all the proof anyone would need this is
fake. As Miles has repeatedly pointed out, generally the official story
the alternative story are wrong, and
this keeps people from getting to the actual truth
The Intelligence Officer playbook states that “
if stability is not
in your best interest, then chaos is your friend.”
Tesla is financially insolvent and they are doing anything to
distract the media and the public from the
. Tesla and Musk are Intel-backed projects which operate half in
the real world, and half in their fake government-backed world, and generally the public is none the wiser. But
Tesla has dug a hole of epic proportions, and people are beginning to catch on. Miles suggested that Elon Musk
may have been brought in to kill Tesla (and the idea it represents), and that’s certainly possible. Both Elon’s and
Peter Thiel’s fathers were intelligence officers, and they probably met when both were working in Africa, where
they built a lot of their wealth plundering the continent of its commodity assets. The same goes for the father of
Elizabeth Holmes and many others.
Lastly, keep in mind that the U.S. military loves doing training missions and hoaxes in Thailand. The reason?
When the hoax is completed they get several days off, which they spend in the
sin capital
of the world, Pattaya,
Thailand. A large part of the Cobra Gold exercise was held off the coast of Pattaya. For context, Pattaya makes
Las Vegas look like DisneyLand. Also recall the
Fat Leonard
scandal from a few years ago, which implicated
60 Admirals,
which equates to roughly 1/3
of the general officers in the Navy.
Wiki tells us the median Thai income is about $1500. Yes, that is per year, not per month. So very few kids in Thailand
can afford bikes and shoes of that sort. I also recommend you visit the
Credit Suisse report
on global wealth footnoted at
Wiki for that number. Even if you don't care anything about Thailand, you can learn something about
What you can learn is that North America has a total wealth that comes out to about $337,000 per adult. Since the USA is
wealthier than Canada and far wealthier than Mexico, that number rises even more for you personally, coming out to
something like $500,000. In other words, if wealth was divided equally in the US, instead of hoarded by the billionaires,
you would be making about that per year. And so would your wife. That is the true measure of what is being stolen from
the lower and middle classes by the upper class. Of course the billionaires aren't just stealing from the US, they are
stealing worldwide, so a lot of that money would have to be given back to poor countries we are raping. Bringing you and
your partner's total income down to about $106,000 per year. Still, not bad. And, since I am not suggesting total income
equality (some jobs
be paid more than others, since some require more skills, education, intelligence, etc.), in a fair
economy, if you have a skilled job you would be making more than that. So when the economists tell you that with a fair
division of worldwide wealth everyone would be poor, they are lying. With a fair division of wealth, almost everyone
would be rich, and
no one
would be poor. And that is with 7 billion people in the world. If we bring that number back
down to 5 billion, say, the income number goes up to $148,000.

**Wiki tells us 5-7% of people worldwide have severe claustrophobia, but sitting in a barber's chair or a small car is an
example of that, not going into a tight cave. Such caves trigger even
claustrophobia, as I can tell you personally. I
have zero fear of almost all small places, but I would not go into a tight cave. Especially a dark one with water already in
it. I like to think it is just a matter of intelligence, but it may be claustrophobia. Anyway, mild claustrophobia of this sort
is probably much higher than 7%, so mathematically one or two of these kids should have refused to go into the cave. It
doesn't sound like a good place to have a birthday party regardless. “Hey, it's raining outside, so let's all go two miles into
this flooded cave”. Great idea, coach. And while we are at it, why don't we drag these barbells and poisonous snakes
down there with us? We might want to work out after eating the birthday cake, and the snakes will help us catch mice and
bats to eat after our workout.


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