Mining is Key

UNO has more hashing power than bitcoin cash (bch).

Know that? Few do. SHA256 is a train wreck of development. And only visionaries are taking advantage of the vacuum. There's a longer story to be told. But not now. Just know ASIC industry is retarded, low IQ, monotheistic.

Algo Miners Hashrate
scrypt 0 0.00 KH
keccak 1 1.14 GH
sha256 2 70.62 GH
nist5 1 78.36 MH

After that scrypt. (LITECOIN). Is better planned out. See GAMEcredits, worldcoin, megacoin, goldcoin. Yet still neglected.

"Bitcoin Cash mining difficulty resets tomorrow. Will be fascinating to watch over the next few days."

Days to adjust? Shitcoins adjust every block. And the BCH shitcoin can't read the last 4 years of devs?


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