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Hans Kammler

This gentleman was place in control of all special weapon and rocket research shortly before disappearing at the end of the war. This included v1 and v2 rocket production which was headed up by none other than....

Wernher Von Braun

This fellow started his career as a rocket scientist in Nazi Germany at Pennemunde Facility only to be scooped up by the American government when Operation Paperclip happened at the end of the war. Next thing you know he’s with Micky Mouse explaining to the American public how we will reach the moon using the same rocket technology that had just bombed the fuck out of London.

Although he was a busy man Von Braun managed to fit in some time to pass his trade along to a apprentice. A young man called Jack Whiteside Parsons) appears in Pasadena California. As a aspiring rocket scientist he speaks to Von Braun over the phone and starts experimenting with solid state rocket fuel. But Von Braun wasn’t the only person that saw Parsons as an apprentice. A man from a small town called Leamington Spa in Warwickshire England had taken a liking to Parsons. This man went by the name Aleister Crowley He has started a religion based upon hermetic groups of the past few hundred years. He had take notes from Freemasonry , Rosicrucian groups , Bavarian Illuminati , Theosophy ) , Greek Mythology , Egyptian Mythology and collaborated them into what he called Thelema .

The basic idea of Thelema is that we are as humans live in ignorance of the fact we are gods. Through a process of breaking down the programming or ego we can strip away any kind of associations we have that stop us from seeing reality as it is instead of how we perceive it.

This idea can be summarised as “Do what you will” with emphasis on the phrase “will”.

Crowley was based in the UK and Parsons was in the US so he decided to task Parsons with establishing Thelema in the US. He bought a mansion called “The Parsonage”. The Pasonage was home to a host of bohemians that rode the beginnings of what would become Charles Mansons San Francisco art house cult. Parties held at the Parsonage would descend into sex magik parties.

The general idea behind sex magik is that if you are to create an orgasm within your self or in someone else this acts as a build up of energy and if one or both people involved can focus their minds on a shared goal at the point of orgasm this brings said goal closer to manifestation. This idea relates back to Jewish Kabbalah mysticism which is an idea that connects to the Tree of Life an basically acts an a path to enlightenment.

Whilst all this is happening Crowley was establishing Thelema Branches all over the world by converting different mystical lodges to Thelema. One of these was The Brotherhood of Saturn which ended up being absorbed by the Thule Society which ended up turning into the Ahnenebe .

The Thule society was basically the amalgamation of the best German occult, mystical, philosophical and political groups. Factually the discussed the ideas of people like Guido Von List Helena Blavatsky , Manly P Hall and Alice Bailey All of these individuals subscribed to the same concepts Crowley promoted in Thelema. All of the also on the down low promoted the idea of Atlantis, Root Races and the idea that “God” is the universe and “God’s” are races that have enslaved humanity at different times.

You can start to see a connection via trail of thought. Heinrich Himmler and Helena Blavatsky never met, but they retained a similar school of thought. This is important.

Meanwhile back at the Parsonage a young ex Navy officer turns up by the name of L Ron Hubbard . Parsons takes a liking to Hubbard and the pair start attempting a ritual that was attempted by Crowley called the Babalon Working . It was meant to push humanity into the Age of Aquarius , which was supposed to be the beginning of the Book of Revelation and the begging of the end of the garden of Eden situation, our quest for knowledge of you will. Our journey to full realisation that we are divine as is everything around us. In reality this involved Parsons and Hubbard heading out to the desert, Parsons masturbating over some stone tablets whilst Hubbard scrubbed everything that happened. A scarlet haired women was supposed to materialise and represent the Whore of Babylon.

The pair get home to the Parsonage and meet Marjorie Cameron . A scarlet haired artist. Parsons takes the hint and the pair start doing sex magik with Hubbard as scribe. At this point Hubbard steals $10,000 from the Parsonage buys a boat and head into the Ocean to write Dianetics, the holy book of Scientology.

Parsons explodes in his basement due to “chemical mixup” and Cameron claims she saw multiple UFO’s the night he died. It’s worth mentioned that between all this chaos Parsons set up a lab called the Jack Parsons Lab. Upon his death the name was changed to ““Jet Propulsion Lab” which was in turn 2 years after Parsons death absorbed into NASA which was under Von Brauns direction at the time.

This takes us up to the Cold War and let me tell you it gets a whole lot more complicated once Federal Government appears in the mix. We go from everything being spread out to everything being hidden as something else. What is have explained above makes the fact that every NASA mission has been named after Greek Gods a lot more intriguing.

ook at the whole picture that is probably a correct assumption, Dianetics is based off of Parsons work which is based off of Crowley’s work which is based off John Dee’s in the 1500’s. I’d say in terms of who was pivotal it goes


But it’s important to remember that Hubbard took all the religious implication out of the work and made it easy for a consumer to pick the concept up of processing emotion and raising your consciousness. Hence why Scientology has become what it has become today.

Hubbard’s work is the easiest to understand whilst Dee’s work is v difficult to understand due to the time period and the linguistic differences of the time + what he was doing has never fully been explained but it seems to be that he was in communication with the angles from the Book of Enoch that were cast down from heaven after disobeying God and had sex with Humans and fucked up our DNA.


"Beyond-Man", "Superman", "Overman", "Superhuman", "Hyperman", "Hyperhuman



"Beyond-Man", "Superman", "Overman", "Superhuman", "Hyperman", "Hyperhuman"

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