How Big Oil Conquered the World

Monopoly of OHIO oil, control the rail.
Sell kerosene lighting (replaces whale oil).
Get the Navy to burn on oil (not smokeless coal).
Buy pharmacies sell pharmaceuticals. Get into Ford and General Motors.
Out law booze, demonize regular Alcohol confusing with Alcohol burning engines.
Found and fund Universities, (U of Chicago), get a hold of the Medical boards.
Get a Chase Manhattan Bank. Turn the chemical warfare dept (mustard gas) into chemotherapy.

IGFARBEN (BASF), Get Sen. Aldridge to charter a bank (1994), marry into other interests.

Gain control of the green reVolution.

  1. Petrochemical dependent tech of Monsato-Bayer-Novartis-Dow
  2. Patent seeds, Geo-Mod, Heavy machinery driven (down size farmers)
  3. Grain Grain ... ADM, Cargill, General Mills
  4. Aluminum-ize the soil.
    5 perfect gene splice (mutant cross specie breeds) revolution
  5. weather tech

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