falcon a sparrow

Likely a swallow.

things with sharp teeth and claws
komodo drangon, no
bearded dragon
parana's (actually shy less open cuts)
Saber the fish.
Turtles carried by 5 crows. (at residence CMai)
Snakes, ok.
Spider, BellaDonna, India purple venomous x3 cobra.
Scorpion, 7 1/2 inch, Hemlock, approach from tail.

wants sharks
has sting rays

collared salameder, feeds earthworms, they make her sqimish.
cold water tank

stoergeon, behoment, white belugua, male

hand sized owl, winky blinky, and even smiled.

saber eating feeder fish

only non allergenic cat ever (first and only)
yellow eye all black, bow tie and golden jingle bell.

golden retrie ver, female, resucue from here own temple, crippled, serious abandonment issues, constantly at her side,

plus 21 more.
22 : 1
doge to cat

male cat
most female dogs, because they are more intelligent

all mixed, hybrids are nuerotic

mentions gobi fish, pla hua tak, self wacking peters.

Cruel videos:
foxes skinned allive, or left to die (china)
live squid (korea)
mother dog taking cigerrete burns exchange for food to pups
"assholes" and violence towards creatures "cause angry reations"

"I don't mention that to my father"
"Welcome to Thailand"
"Shorts and a Metallica shirt, yah I like Metal"