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Bleep State 2



it always surprises me when people refer to the British Empire as "past tense", something that "was".. The UK (or rather; the UK's controlling interests), control the Global Money Markets and run Global Banking through The City of London (which is a small state of a few square miles, inside London, owned by The Crown Corporation - which is not The Queen) British Dutch Shell own (almost) all the oil and gas worth owning The Commonwealth consists 1/3 the entire population of the Globe (including more than 10 of the 20 fastest growing economies on the Planet) and a vast portion of the worlds Landmass, Resources and Waters British Weapons Manufacturers/Designers lead the World (BAE Systems are responsible for a huge portion of weapons research, which "we" then licence to the US) In terms of weapons sales, throughout history - no one comes close ALL Commodities Metals are traded through (City Of) London through the "Special Metals Markets" "We" dominate the "legal system" through the BAR Association, also based in C.o.L (you need to "Pass the Bar" to be a Barrister anywhere in the world) No country has a bigger single influence on modern Global Popular Culture or Infrastructure and it's centuries long mediation of Science and Technology is second to none The Sun Never Set The sooner the world wakes up and, en masse, start to call out "my Goverment" for what it is; the better we are all being led on an irreversible path to war - its no coincidence that all the big 'war drum' stories in the media, like Skripal and Douma "Gassing", are coming from "UK" sources (BBC, Channel 4 etc) I implore you ALL to petition your Goverments to bring Westminster, it's propaganda mouthpieces and it's Corporate Banking Controllers, to account we are doing everything we can here (the people of Britain have already stopped full scale UK military intervention in Syria TWICE).....but public ignorance is high and willingness to act is low our Goverment (or more precisely, the institution which controls it) is given legitimacy not by we the British people; but by every nation who continues to deal with it, politically, economically and militarily make no mistake The British Goverment is not The British People it's not even British - real enemy is the Zionist Agenda we are all allowing to's sleep walking us for a third time to our destruction Petition your Goverments - Petition MY Goverment! We need to tell them we know who they are and what they're doing and that WE are putting a STOP to the bullshit No War With Russia No War With Syria FUCK NATO RIP All victims of war All wars are banker wars One love London UK

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25.06.2018 16:24