Weekend Whiteness Continues

It is crazy how good currently the snow conditions are in Central Switzerland at the moment. Above 1000 meters you can guarantee yourself for super fluffy dry snow this week. With Luzern being at the foot of the Alps the choice of where to go seems endless. It's like being a kid in a candy store, where to go!


I was planning all kinds of trips over the weeks to Austria and further down South in Switzerland untill one of my friends said last week: *'Why the hell are you going so far away, the small towns in the neighborhood are currently also super good, and we should take profit from that'*

Easy going as we are I decided to join them to the most Northern Part of the Bernese Oberland or also said the highest point of kanton Luzern, better known as Sörenberg. Now going back to Sörenberg was a trip down memory lane for me because when I was a kid I also went there once for a week. In my memory this skiing area was gigantic but hey, isn't everything superbig when you where a kid?

Driving up towards Sörenberg was beautiful, same thing as when going up to Hoch-Ybrig last week every kilometer going further into the mountains it got more snowy and snowy. I felt like a dog waggeling my tail during a trip like that, waiting to be set free once outside.

Now I realize that we are all very visually minded but sorry guys. Making pics and skiing and taking off gloves to snap a pic is just an extra challenge of days like this, I really suck at it honestly hahahahha. Not too much pics there, you gotta believe me on my word that it was super nice :D

As said, the quality of the snow was superb. Hardly any ice to be found, and hardly any melted spots. Sörenberg skiing area is located on the North side of the hill so the sun has to be full strentgh will the snow there melt away. Even going on the Brienzer Rothorn which is considered as the most challenging piste of the region (lets face it guys Sörenberg is really perfect is you are just learning how to ski) was like a breeze because the snow was so cooperative.


Snowboarders will be medium happy with this area because there are too many tuggerlifts and because a lot of the connective routes are over hiking paths. AKA you just can't have enough speed to bridge the flat parts which some find annoying, I see it as langlaufing ;)

Heck we even found a apres ski bar selling craft beer. Could the day get any better? I'm approving!

So as a conclusion for a daytrip??? Yay or Nay?? -> Sörenberg YAY!

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