You drive into a tunnel with a full sunny sky. Then after driving through it for a couple of minutes, your reach the other side of the mountain and when you drive out of the tunnel, it is snowing on the other side. Full on change in a couple of minutes.

What is there so fascinating about tunnels. Contrast between light and dark? Not entirely being capable to see what is on the other side of it? Having a feeling of disorientation when you enter one?

Is it more about what is on the end or is more the road towards it. When you are in one, do you have the feeling that you are standing still, or is this just a moment of calmth.


Sometimes there are these days where in everything that you see, it almost feels like a metaphor of life. Differences in people, thoughts about how we all want to live our lives. Where we are standing now and where we are going to.

When I look at myself currently, I think at this moment at all of these changes that I have experienced these last couple of months are taking a bit of its toll. The moment now is to enjoy and to be proud of what all again I have once achieved, but somewhere it feels like the mind and body are not ready for that. They still are in changing mode, cautious and all open to absorb everything around me. Ready to fight or flee.

I just stepped out of the tunnel of change and should take the time to enjoy the new view around me. But it takes some time to see that there is not a next tunnel of change waiting ahead of me., and that I can relax. The literal side of this is the change of weather here around me. From bikini on the balcony last week to that the snow will be reaching in the weekend. How will I step out of that that tunnel next week.

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