Travelling alone

For one person this is the ultimate freedom, for the other one the ultimate horror.

Travelling by yourself, Do you like it or not?


Packing your bags, going to the airport, getting through customs and then the wait before your actual departure. Do you prefer doing this all by yourself or do you prefer having some company with you.

When I look at myself, I do not mind being on the road by myself when in terms of public transportation. There is always enough to look around to, and otherwise a good book is always your company. Also writing blogs is not a bad idea to pass the time when you are in full wait. Editting and adding pictures can be done later, but the actual writing does not need anything. A notebook on your phone is already enough, and everybody travels with their phone right?

Travelling by train is my favorite form of transportation and I guess flying my least favorite. But realisticly if you have to make some miles, those planes are damn convenient. Now I dont like flying that much (this is about the understatement of the century), and in this I really like having a buddy with me. I act like a fool while flying and someone who says 'Karin, we are okay, relax now' just really helps hahaha.

Training is also giving you enough to see, and I must admit I am appreciating taking the bus also more and more.

Have you ever heard of the **Flix busses** before?


These buscompanies all over Europe offer ridiculously cheap trips. Im talking 20 Euro cheap. And with really comfortable seats, coffee and wifi on board, who needs a travel buddy with that?

But what is your idea on how your trip should look like?

Is your trip business related? Then all of these things are most likely non applicable, because the boss will pay your trip and the main goal is getting the job done and getting home as soon as possible.

But if you want to do nice stuff while having some time off, do you prefer having a buddy with you? Or is your idea of ultimate freedom not having to deliberate with anybody?

Ive been on the road for a bit by myself now these weeks, and I can honestly say that I do not like travelling by myself. Also the previous times that I was on city trips by myself I never found it as enjoyable as travelling with a buddy.

For me sharing the experience is doubling the fun. I absolutely do not mind going somewhere by myself, and I am also a very easy talker, but I can not seem to fill my days properly when I am lone-roading.

Eating is just for taste and filling the belly, and not for the dining experience. So a fancy dinner I would not do so fast by myself I guess.

Seeing a nice building in a city is done faster. You enjoy, you take a picture, you leave. In general the same happens when you are with more people, but for some reason everything takes longer then.

Only nature is enjoyable by yourself I find, but safety is an aspect to think about before heading towards the woods. At least tell somebody before you are heading out, so someone knows when you are missing.

What is also strange...

Is that when I am are travelling by myself, I have the urge to be outside all the time. See, explore, discover. This on it self is not so strange of course, you want to use your traveltime as good as possible. But when you are in your hotel/ hostel/ guesthouse with a buddy it is often already cool to relax a bit there, while the solitaire traveller in me tends to run out all the time.

The experience is just different!

Well, I have told you my perspective on travelling by yourself. But I would love to hear yours. How do you feel about travelling by yourself?


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